I'm freaking out

on 8/14/13 9:49 am - CA
I work out 5-6 days a week. I'm 10 weeks out I've only lost 52 lbs I gained a pound what the heck is going on? Anybody experienced this????? I'm going out of my mind feeling the surgery wasn't worth it.

Miss Starr

on 8/14/13 10:00 am - OH

Wow, 52 lbs in just ten weeks?  That's more than five pounds per week!  And you feel that surgery wasn't worth it?  How much did you think you would just in just ten weeks?

I can tell you I did not experience that.  I did not lose so much weight so fast.  Many people don't.  It took me quite a bit longer than ten weeks to lose 52 lbs, but I still feel surgery was worth it for me.  In just 18 months, I lost about 150 lbs and I've been at my goal weight for several years now.

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Professor Sonja!!!!
on 8/14/13 10:01 am - Miami, FL
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That's 5 pounds per week.  How much did you expect to loose by now?  Your weight will fluctuate by a few pounds while you are losing, that is normal.  


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on 8/14/13 10:11 am - WA
I echo what everyone else said - how much were you expecting to lose??? 52 pounds in 10 weeks is quite remarkable! Have you ever lost that much weight in 10 weeks before without surgery?

I think you need to reevaluate your expectations and be reasonable. You are actually well ahead of many others at this point. Also, be prepared for stalls and even small gains along the way as your body adjusts. Be patient!
on 8/14/13 10:20 am
5 lb average a week is fantastic. Stay off the scale if it is going to freak you ou****er weight will fluctuate that's normal.

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on 8/14/13 10:37 am - CA
Thanks my physicians assistant said I was behind and I thought I was doing well ever since then I feel not so good about my weight loss.

Miss Starr

on 8/14/13 9:47 pm

The PA needs a reminder that this is not a race. There is a bell curve to almost everything, and I'll bet your loss falls somewhere near the top! I'm 3 months today, and very pleased with my loss, and it's just about the same as yours.  Don't let a negative attitude bring you down!!! You're doing wonderful. 

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Ingrid K.
on 8/14/13 10:56 am - Canada
I agree with not weighing yourself too much if it is going to upset you. I had my surgery June 17 and I've lost 45 lbs. I am just thrilled about it. Everyone looses weight at their own pace. Worrying about it won't change that.
on 8/14/13 11:43 am - CA

52 pounds is great! Just keep working out and eating right and you will get there. Remember that it's a process and it takes time.

on 8/14/13 12:59 pm - CA

Thanks everyone I really appreciate all the comments cause people who haven't had this surgery don't understand what we go through nor the thoughts that go through our head. 

Miss Starr