Has anyone taken Clindamycin HCL 150 mg since surgery..

on 8/13/13 11:01 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

I have abscess tooth and can't get in to the dentist until Thursday..   I have a whole bottle from the last time I had a tooth hurting that I can take but not sure if I can since having Gastric Bypass.   Has anyone taken this since surgery?   Thanks for any help... I am hurting.. 

on 8/13/13 11:25 am - NY
Personally I would not start taking an antibiotic that was prescribed for a previous problem and I did not finish for that problem. I work in healthcare and we near about not finishing the full course of antibiotics and then taking those "leftovers" later as a prime cause of bacteria developing multi-drug resistance. Aside from that... I usually end up with a side effect after taking an antibiotic (thrush, vaginal yeast infection, diarrhea) that may need treatment. I try to limit my use of antibiotics to only when absolutely necessary.
If you think you need an antibiotic call your dentist and ask if they think you need one. Tomorrow is Wednesday and your apt is Thursday, so you would only get in a day worth of the Antibiotic before seeing the doctor.
In the meantime, ask the dentist what can be done to help you get thru... maybe sal****er rinses, topical analgesic like Oragel, and pain reliever like Tylenol.
on 8/13/13 11:34 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

Actually it was for the same problem and same tooth.   Then it quit hurting and I never went back because they were talking then that I needed a root canal and crown.. My insurance doesn't cover that so they said I could wait until it bothered me again and we could just take it out.  But I am hurting worst now then I did then, when they gave it to me and I didn't have the sore spot of the roof of my mouth.. But I think I will wait and call the dentist in the morning and tell them I still have 16 out of 30 and can I go and start taking them and then when I am there  Thursday only get a half perscribtion if they can't pull it then.  Thanks for answering me.  I will wait until in the morning and make sure this can be taken after gastric bypass.  


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