First time to a restaurant since surgery

on 8/31/13 5:50 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

My birthday was yesterday so my daughter has invited me out tonight.  Kind of nervous as its the first time I've ben to a restaurant since my surgery.  Still on limited foods - doc says no red meat.  Dinners are an ounce of protein, half cup veggies and half cup carbs so I'm sure I will take home a huge doggie bag.  Been online to check out the menu since I think we are going to Applebees.  Think it will be the kids grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun if I'm allowed to order off the kids menu.  Might use a bit of the bun for the carb.  Wish me luck!PS and no birthday cake!


on 8/31/13 6:39 am

ive never had a problem ordering off kids menu... tell them you've just had abdominal surgery :)


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on 8/31/13 6:45 am - PA
VSG on 05/13/13
When I go to Applebee's (which is often compared to other places), I always order the side order of grilled shrimp. I don't really even like seafood...but it is really good and high in protein. You can a half order of 7 or full order of 14!

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on 8/31/13 6:45 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

My 88-year-old mom and I just went to Applebees.  There was a "pick any two for $10.99" which was perfect for the two of us small eaters to share.  Pick #1 for me was a 4 ounce steak w/ potatoes and Pick #2 for Mom was shrimp pasta w/ a breadstick.  Yes, the portions were little but just right for us and our pocketbook. 

on 8/31/13 8:17 am - AL
RNY on 12/13/12 with

I hate eating out. It's so hard because I don't know what is in the food. 



on 8/31/13 8:36 am
I recommend you don't do the bun as your starch this early out. A lot of people have problems with bread. Happy birthday and enjoy!
on 8/31/13 9:54 am

I think looking up the online information is excellent to ensure you make a good choice when you get there with no surprises.   I'd avoid the bun altogether.  Bread still doesn't sit well for me.  

Happy birthday!!!

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on 8/31/13 11:35 am - Newport News, VA
I'm not sure if all states do this. But my doctors office informed us there is a card they give once we get to the solid phase and informs restaurants and by showing it they let you order off the kids menu.
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on 8/31/13 11:45 am, edited 8/31/13 2:01 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Unless you go to a good restaurant, kids meals are often completely useless in terms of nutrition - lots of fried crap and carbs usually  - besides the fact that it's completely classless to expect a restaurant to give you a special meal because YOU decided to have weight loss surgery .  Can't tell you how many times people have complained on here when buffets won't give them special prices because they "don't eat a lot" - bet they weren't complaining when they were chowing down on 2 or 3 platefuls before surgery!!!!!

Order an adult meal that contains good proteins, fats and carbs and ask for a box to take the leftovers home ....   

Oh, and if you do order off the child's menu, don't forget to short change your waiter/waitress too ... if you order a $4.99 kids meal instead of a $15 dollar adult one blush!!!!

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on 8/31/13 5:55 pm, edited 9/1/13 1:26 am - Newport News, VA
Hmmm not quite sure how its classless to order off a child's menu if a restaurant allows. No one said anything about expecting a restaurants to do that. I just thought of it as a nice gesture to offer someone who's had wls. Secondly, I am sure most people are aware not to order wings and mac and cheese off the child's menu. So your lecture is a little pointless. I haven't gone out to a restaurant yet but I am sure like some ordering off the child's menu is a great opinion to avoid tons of unnecessary leftovers that you may not even eat later on. I am not sure why someone who had this surgery would go to a buffet once again that wasn't what I was talking about. And lastly I also didn't need a lecture on how to tip my waiter if I do choose to go to a restaurant. I ALWAYS overtip at least 25%. I'm sure not everyone does. But that just seemed very unnecessary for you to say when that wasn't even what this post was about. I can definitely understand some of your frustration when having to deal with people who make you say why did you even get this surgery. But my post was definitely not the case.
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