When does dumping syndrome start?

on 9/5/13 6:01 am - CA

I'm four months post op and I have had sugar and nothing happened my endocrinologist said it doesn't happen til your like 6 months postoperative is this true?

Miss Starr

on 9/5/13 6:07 am

If you are going to dump then it starts when you eat something that triggers it, whether that be in the hospital or right afterwards.  I have heard of someone learning they dumped in the hospital from children's tylenol.  I personally would have been happy to never know if I dumped or not but about 6 months out I accidently had a shake with real syrup instead of sugar free.  Yes, I dump.  And to be even dumber, a few months later I made a shake with regular pudding mix instead of sugar free.  I have learned to be very careful about what I eat and I haven't had an issue in a long time.

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on 9/5/13 6:11 am - CA
Thanks I have to be careful. But it concerned me that I didn't dump.

Miss Starr

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/5/13 6:09 am - OH

No, that is NOT true!  Dumping could happen the day after surgery if someone was foolish enough to drink (or eat) something sugary.  In fact, some people find that dumping lessens over time, so they might dump less easily by the time they are six months out..



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on 9/5/13 6:48 am - OH

No, dumping can happen immediately and in fact, sometimes lessens over time (but not always).  Only about 30% of RNY folks dump, though.

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on 9/5/13 6:53 am

Dumping can happen anytime, but honestly I didn't know I dumped until i was a good 4 months out.   So maybe the endocrinologist is misunderstanding some stat he saw.   It wasn't until I was farther out that and was testing out various things (on my program) and it wasn't until that time that I really even realized that it WAS dumping.   In hindsight, I dumped on diluted apple juice on day 2 post op, but it took a few times for me to recognize what was happening and what was causing it.  And because I ate so little with sugar in the first few months, it did take 4-6 months for it all to make sense to me.

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on 9/5/13 9:15 am - La Verne, CA

I don't dump.  I never did.  Many of us don't.

Denise B.
on 9/5/13 9:58 am - Binghamton, NY

I AM a dumper, ick.  It happened right away, much to my surprise.  Knew it could happen and it sure did.  Going to be 4 years since the surgery (Sept 9) and still dump to this day, it has not let up.

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on 9/6/13 12:29 am
RNY on 08/12/13

I dump nearly everyday but I'm only 4 weeks out. I eat nothing with sugar in it, even tuna in spring water makes me dump.  Mostly it's not to bad but he other night I was so sick.  My doctor thinks I'm eating to fast but even eating slow, I still get a sweets, fell really sick, have to go to the toilet and start dry reaching. Even protein shakes make me sick.  Iv started eating very little but often, seems to be working.  But still at least once a day I feel like I'm dying.  


Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/7/13 10:25 am - OH

If you are getting sick from tuna it is NOT dumping.  ONLY sugar and carbs (which are sugars) cause dumping.  Too much fat sometimes makes people sick.but even fat doesn't cause dumping syndrome.  


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