CT scan and MRI done

on 10/21/13 6:26 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

I managed to crawl into work today and stayed until my son came at 1:30 and helped me to get the CT and MRI.  I am hoping now one of them - preferably the CT of my sinuses, not the MRI of the brain - gives me the reason and cure for this vertigo!  Its been 2 weeks now.  Meclizine just has been making me incredibly sleepy but not fixing the problem.  Or better yet - tomorrow I wake up with perfect balance!


on 10/21/13 8:16 am

Did they have you  try the Epley Maneuvers for vertigo?

Hope you are feeling better very soon!

on 10/21/13 11:55 am - TX
RNY on 01/24/13

I did the epley and it was miraculous.  Walked in dizzy, laid on the table and the room was,spinning when I looked to the right (positional vertigo), he did the epley and I walked out and never looked back.  Just so very weird.  It looked like voodoo.  When he started I wanted to laugh but it worked like a magic charm.



on 10/22/13 7:25 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

Both tests came back with no problem. Have a doc appt. tomorrow at 1:30 and definitely going to ask about the epley manuever.  Want this to GO AWAY!  Thanks.