OT: Reached Goal Weight now time for new Tattoo

on 10/24/13 10:23 pm - angier, NC
RNY on 09/17/12 with

So i have reached goal weight and been trying to think of what i want for a new tattoo. So I figured it out.  I want the wording going from top of right shoulder down my back, and to end in the phoenix. Change the scroll work in the wording to maybe part of the tail of the phoenix.

Phoenix Tattoo But I want to add the Serenity prayer wrapped around or above it. either on back of shoulder to hip on right side  with phoenix at top and the prayer going down with its tail or with phoenix at hip and prayer ending into it.A serenity prayer tattoo. I want it down the side of my back with some flowers in color

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on 10/24/13 10:33 pm - TX
RNY on 10/11/13
I really like that Phoenix. Been looking for the whole rebirth, reinvention symbology tattoo because I want to get one and am torn. Think I'm going to end up with 3 or 4 because I can't decide and also want something for my Mom who passed and a hummingbird doesn't go with a phoenix. Lol


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on 10/24/13 10:47 pm - AL
RNY on 12/13/12 with
If you're planning on having PS (think you mentioned it the other day) you might want to wait unless you put it somewhere they won't be stretching or removing skin.

I like the Phoenix as well.



on 10/24/13 10:49 pm - angier, NC
RNY on 09/17/12 with

The only PS i want is breast fixed, and maybe inner thighs. The placement would be on my back. I already have 3 tattoos on my back so for me its a safe spot.

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Pictures: Pre-op, 1 year post op, 2 years post op.

on 10/24/13 11:18 pm - SC

I love that tattoo! The Phoenix is one of my favorite symbols, so much meaning. Have fun with the tattoo, and please post some pics once it's done.


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on 10/25/13 12:34 am

Very cool.I think if you are into tattoos it is a great way to express yourself. I have a few and they all mean something to me.But one really doesn't it was on kind of a whim. But I love them all.I think that tattoo is really beautiful and one thing is nice if you want to show it you.Congratulations on meeting your goal.You must be on cloud nine.

on 10/25/13 2:17 am
RNY on 10/21/13
Congrats Ang and it will be a beautiful tattoo



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Kenyatta W.
on 10/25/13 2:34 am - Indianapolis, IN
RNY on 01/07/13 with

I love that tattoo!!! I love tattoos period! I have three and when I reach my goal weight, I will be getting two more than I'm done! LOL


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on 10/25/13 2:40 am - NY

Awesome tattoo. I want one so bad but I am waiting till I get to my goal weight also. I'm thinking of doing an Irish Trinity knot on the back of me neck.Congrats on getting to goal.


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MyLady Heidi
on 10/25/13 2:51 am

It's lovely.  The phoenix is beautiful!

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