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on 10/28/13 9:25 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

I had my 3 month follow up today.  I talked to my surgeon about this awful vertigo and he pretty much gave me the diagnosis - in fact had presented a paper on the subject.  It is called neurocardiogenic syncope or autonomic dysfunction.  I do need to see a neurologist and have a tilt table test to confirm it but every one of my symptoms is covered!  He said 3 months is about when most people who are going to experience it do and I am 3 months out.  Also said it occurs in about 10-11% of RNY surgeries.  First line of treatment is to up my salt intake as well as fluids - more than my normal 64-80 oz. a day.  There are also some medications that may help but the salt and fluids may make the dizziness abate.  So much better than the CRNP at my primary's office who seemed to think I was crazy - or making it all up.  Thinking about switching doctors at this point as well.  


on 10/28/13 9:46 am

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you are getting some good help.

I had BPPV last spring and it was terrifying. It took me 45 minutes to crawl 12 feet to the phone to dial 911. I hope I will not be in that 10% of RNY patients that develops vertigo, but I sure appreciate this heads up---and will keep my meclizine handy.

Be sure to tell your PCP what happened with the incompetent NP so the person can be retrained or let go!

Take good care of yourself!

on 10/28/13 10:11 am
RNY on 05/13/13
Glad you have answers and I would transfer to a new doctor, too!


HW333--SW 289--GW of 160 5' 11" woman.  I only know the way I know & when you ask for input/advice, you'll get the way I've been successful through my surgeon & nutritionist. Please consult your surgeon & nutritionist for how to do it their way.  Biggest regret? Not doing this 10 years ago! Every day is better than the day before...and it was a pretty great day!




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