Losing hair....need ideas for new haircut

on 10/30/13 8:55 pm

I am currently losing handfuls of hair. I knew that this could happen and had my hair cut in a layered style awhile ago. My hair is usually very thick and I have a lot of it. I just need ideas that have worked for other women as far as what types of hair styles worked for them during this time. My hair is currently shoulder length at the shortest and I find long hair everywhere I go...Thanks for the suggestions. 

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RNY on 08/15/12

My hair was shoulder length.  I went with an inverted bob.


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On October 31, 2013 at 3:55 AM Pacific Time, semitchell1972 wrote:

I am currently losing handfuls of hair. I knew that this could happen and had my hair cut in a layered style awhile ago. My hair is usually very thick and I have a lot of it. I just need ideas that have worked for other women as far as what types of hair styles worked for them during this time. My hair is currently shoulder length at the shortest and I find long hair everywhere I go...Thanks for the suggestions. 

I went with a very layered shaggy bob from hair that had been down to just at my bra line. I miss my hair! But I DOOOO see baby hairs coming in (as I am still losing in huge chunks!) so I am hopefully at the end of the majority of loss. Getting a new cut on Friday and might just go SUPER short to help combat the issues with the spiked up baby hairs all over the top. Cannot wait to grow my hair out to shoulder length again!


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RNY on 05/20/13
My hair was halfway down my back, but when I started losing my hair, it looked odd. At first I tried just wearing it up all the time, but I got sick of it. It was scraggly, my layers were grown out and it was frizzy. I have curly hair, so when I got my hair cut last week, I got it cut into layers with thicker side bangs and my hair looks and feels SO much better. My curls sprang back nicely with out all the extra weight of my hair gone. It also really helped with looking fuller. YAY!
I also noticed that I seem to be losing less hair since my haircut, but that's probably just wishful thinking.

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on 10/31/13 4:48 am

Post a pic!  We need to see your face shape to recommend.

If you have petite features...try a pixie! But dont do it if you have big/course features or have a masculine look. I have PCOs and looked andrognous when I had a pixie cut.


It was easy to care for though AND the hair that fell out was shorter and didnt get wrapped around my vacuum roller.

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Wow! You look phenomenal!  Why are you hiding under that jacket?  Girl, time for you to get something more form fitting!

It  appears that you have an oval top hairline but a square jaw.  In my honest opinion,  I think the square jaw is the easiest for hair styles. It is also very Hollywood! Icons like Cher, Rosario Dawson, Meghan Fox and Demi Moore have square jawlines.  I like the definition a square jawline gives. It just makes someone look more...just so.

First- Bangs are back in a big way. Try the ones shown for Oliva Wilde in the second link below (pic 6 of 8)

General Guidelines

Regardless of the length of hair you choose, go for cuts that look rounded to contrast the square angles of your face. While square-faced gals are sometimes steered toward styles with height at the top of the head, your high forehead makes this a bad idea. Instead, go wispy or add angled bangs that sweep to the side to mask your forehead and add a diagonal line to break up the squareness of your face.


Emphasize your cheekbones to break up the angularity of your face. Ask your stylist to cut your hair into layers that swing onto your cheekbones and add waves at the temples, no matter how long your hair. You could also choose a cut with feathery layers that angle away from the face to move attention away from your angles.


A short, concave bob helps soften your jawline. If you have curly hair and a sleek bob won’t work for you, go for a length about 2 inches below the chin line with flattering layers. For medium-length hair, choose styles that graduate at the sides to distract from your face shape. Wear long hair in waves with soft, curved lines that help trick the eye into thinking your face is more round. All of these styles should include the side-swept, wispy bangs to draw attention away from your forehead.


Stay away from blunt-cut bobs that sit at chin length because they just make your face look more square. Parting your hair in the middle also emphasizes the square shape of your face and highlights a high forehead. Avoid cutting your bangs straight across; this overemphasizes your forehead and the wide lines of your face.

Read more: http://www.typef.com/article/hairstyles-square-faces-high-fo reheads/#ixzz2jKgKsaO3

http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/haircuts-square-faces# slide=6


Since you are wanting to go shorter due to the hair thinning, I would say Keira Knightley's bob (pic 1), clairie danes bob (pic 2)

http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/haircuts-square-faces# slide=1

http://www.allure.com/hair-ideas/2012/haircuts-square-faces# slide=2


IN summary, I would go for Keira Knightley bob and then see if I wanted more emphasis on the eyes after two weeks. If I needed more emphasis on the eyes, then I would add olivia wilde's bangs.


Send before and afters (before hair cut and after hair cut).


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Thank you for the kind words. Still trying to get used to being the size I am now. That isn't a jacket, but a shirt that someone just gave me. Love the feel of it. I am still used to trying to hide under baggy clothes. 

I always thought I had a round face. Now that I have lost this much, I am seeing a big change to the shape of my face. 

on 10/31/13 7:54 am

I imagine your face shape has changed since the weight loss.

Here is one way to determine your face shape


Stand if front of the mirror with a wet bar of soap,


Trace the outline of your face with the bar of soap ON the mirror,


Step back and look and see if it triangle, heart, oval, or square.


Wash mirror.

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@semiMitchell-  So what hairdo did you pick?  Have you got it cut!  Post! Post! 

By the way, it is totally ok to: 1) have to adjust (mentally/physically/clothes-wise) to the new you!  Features change with weight loss. So maybe it would be fun to get a makeover from one of the ladies that does makeup for weddings or a few of them (i.e. the traditional day look, evening look, etc).

For example, being heavy, getting thin (during that crazy clinical study) and getting overweight again, I watched my EYEs change. I have smaller hooded eyes when heavy and my big smile is best feature.  When I was thin from the crazy clinical study, my eyes were no longer hooded so my eyemakeup application technique needed to change AND my eyes covered a greater portion of my face.  So I no longer needed the style of glasses (in the crazier brighter colors) I was wearing to "balance" my face.

You will see.


Dont be afraid to experiment with new makeup looks, different clothes, different makeup and different glasses. For example, my reading glasses are still in a fun crazy color and style (because my boss NEVER comes to office and I dont need them for "serious" meetings) so I can locate them on my mess of a desk and they make me happy. When I wear them, I feel like I am going incognito!  Then I also have a more serious conservative distance pair for other work and driving situations.

Sometimes one's "best look" comes from trying different things! For example, I look more wide eyed and awake when I like the inner rims of my eyes with WHITE eyeliner.  Many movie stars do this too.

Still working on the blue indented tear trough.


I am so excited to see what you picked!