Please pray for Lisa O.

Jean M.
on 11/11/13 4:12 am
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During the months Lisa O. was preparing for her RNY surgery, she mentioned several times how much she likes the OH RNY forum and appreciates the members who post here. I think she'd want you to know what's been happening to her post-RNY. She isn't able to post it herself, having been in a medically-induced coma for the past week while her doctors tried to figure out and deal with everything going on. She's coming out of the coma now and becoming very agitated. Obviously she'll have a lot to deal with when she's fully conscious and learns what's happened to her.

Lisa had surgery on October 14th. Since then she's suffered a terrible cascade of complications, including: 2 blood clots; bruising/bleeding of her liver from 2 procedures to clear the clots; (unsuccessful) exploratory surgery to locate the source of her continuing, agonizing abdominal pain; sepsis that spread to several of her organs; surgery to remove 3/4 of her intestines and most of her colon; surgery to place a tube between her lower stomach and her intestines to improve her nutrient absorption; and encephalitis. More surgery is planned for today, I believe to do more to improve her digestive functions. Yesterday's surgery did improve her condition - the only piece of good news we've heard in the past 2 weeks.

Lisa is a very strong person, always there for other people. Now it's time for us to be strong and be there for her and her family, who are reeling from this medical disaster. Lisa, her family, and many of her friends (including me) are steadfast Christians, and that is yet another source of strength. Whether you're Christian or not, I ask that you send up prayers and healing thoughts for Lisa.   

In the past 2 days, some updates about Lisa have been posted on the Lap-Band forum, here:

and here: e/

Another OH member, Hislady, and/or I will continue to post updates on the band forum, so you can get more news - hopefully good news - there.



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on 11/11/13 4:19 am

Jean I posted to Hislady yesterday.  My prayers and thoughts go out to Lisa during this time.  I can't imagine what she is going through and the recovery it will entail.

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Jenn C.
on 11/11/13 4:34 am - Naugatuck, CT
RNY on 10/21/13

Oh no :-( My prayers are with her right now. I pray she gets better fast! I hope they find out what is causing all of these problems with her too

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Citizen Kim
on 11/11/13 4:37 am - Castle Rock, CO

I'll certainly keep her in my thoughts and swing a chicken or two for her and her family xxx

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on 11/11/13 4:41 am, edited 11/11/13 4:41 am - Senatobia, MS

My prayers go out to Lisa and her family.  I hope she will continue to improve each day.


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on 11/11/13 4:45 am - Litchfield, NH
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I will pray for her certainly. This is a reminder to all how serious this surgery is and things can happen unfortunately. It's a major surgery afterall. I am soooo sorry she has gone through all of this. I cannot even imagine we should count our blessings, in the grand scheme of things my complications and others are very minor compared to this we really should be fortunate. Lisa you can come through this. Hugs.

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on 11/11/13 4:55 am - NC

Praying for her!



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on 11/11/13 4:57 am
VSG on 07/12/13

Thoughts and especially prayers for Lisa and her family/friends.

on 11/11/13 4:58 am
RNY on 10/28/13

She's in my prayers

illinois Gama D.
on 11/11/13 5:04 am

Prayers for her and her family, Thank you for the update, Denise

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