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on 11/15/13 1:54 pm - troy, NY
RNY on 01/13/14

So i have posted in the past about how I ended up with edema in my feet and legs. Well the dr put me on water pills and my feet and legs are back to normal. I have lost weight while taking this medication. Im down 20 pounds since August. I'm proud of myself. I have met my pre surgery goal which was 267. I have my date Jan 13 2014. I have to get my A1c down before then.

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on 11/15/13 2:35 pm - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

That's fantastic! You will find postop you won't be needing your edema meds, my feet dropped a shoe size and a half in less than a month post op. 

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Katie K.
on 11/15/13 9:37 pm - Maitland, FL
RNY on 06/25/13

That's awesome, but is your doctor going to find out WHY you had the edema?


on 11/16/13 1:53 am - TX

So glad your legs and feet are back to normal and congrats on the weight loss!!  Keep working on your diet to help you A1C get down!!  You can do it!!!


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