struggling with doctors!

on 12/21/13 9:39 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

so it has been over 2 months since I've been having vertigo and extreme fatigue. Saw my former primary who said it was just dehydration despite the fact that I wa getting in more than minimum fluids. Got the IV fluids without any effect. Saw my kidney dr. who was helpful in getting me into the cardiologist - no problem there. Got referred to a great ENT who had audiological stuff done along with lots of blood work and a referral to a neurologist.  Along the way had CT and MRI without contrast.  Doing PT at a balance center.  Blood work came back with an extremely high ANA result (1:1280 versus normal 1:40) so now its another round of blood work and an MRI with contrast - along with trying to get into the one rheumatologist in the area who is on vacation for another week.  Based on my results his office said he will either fit me in or put me on the schedule for the end of February! ANA is the marker for an autoimmune disorder but who knows which one - added to some positive bilateral inner ear problems.  Just wish someone would give me a magic pill so I can get my life back. Not being allowed to drive is definitely the pits!  Thank God for a wonderful daughter who is getting me to work and to all my appointments.  Sorry for the long rant - love my weight loss and having the surgery.  Just want this to go away and retire the cane (on good days) and walker (on bad days).  


on 12/21/13 9:51 am
RNY on 10/08/13
I am sorry that you are not doing well. Is there another Rheum that you can go to in order to get seen earlier? That is who you definitely need to see. Whenever you finally get in to one, be ready for another large set of blood work to go through. I had 14 vials of blood drawn on my first visit. It is all worth it though, they really will help you.



on 12/22/13 12:58 pm

Hang in there. Has someone checked you for vertigo? there apparently is some kind of inner ear disorder that can cause imbalance that is related to vertigo but I forget what it's called. doctors were sending folks out for RH and some MS tests and it turned out to be something simple.  I have that ANA marker to...sometimes they jus****ch it for a while....sorrt you have having so many troubles, and yes, not driving is the worst. If I find where I was reading that thing about the ear stuff I will post it here, it had to do with tinnitus I think but people were falling down and all this stuff that docs thought was more serious.....I really hope you get to feeling better.


on 12/23/13 10:44 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

thanks for the reply - think i've been checked for just about everything! surgeon had initially diagnosed it as autonomous dysfunction - same as neurocardiogenic syncope except i haven't passed out - close but haven't. been to ent who knows something is going on inner ear but since it is bilateral doesn't have definitive diagnosis. neurologist sent me to balance center and they think it is wrong messages from ankles and feet to brain so i do their exercises, dr very concerned about such a high ana so wants the rheumotoloist involved, had tons more blood work and another mri both with and without contrast, no results on that yet. he  thought the first mri was okay but wasn't sure about one view.  just want to get my life back! daughter has been great about getting me to  work and appointments but makes me feel like such a burden. again thanks for your concern really appreciated!







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