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on 1/30/14 3:16 am

Can anyone share some good freezer recipes that are kid and bariatric friendly? I don't want my food to be completely different than my family's as I want to model healthy eating for my dd. I know we won't be exactly the same, but I'd like our main meal to be quite similar. I also want to get my freezer ready before surgery, so I won't have to worry post op. Thank you!


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on 1/30/14 3:25 am - NC

Greek yogurt pops that have been flavored with something?

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on 1/30/14 3:27 am

That's a great snack idea. :D

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Caroline K.
on 1/30/14 3:29 am

How about some soups, stews or chili? You can puree as needed, and make lots. Ah, I love my slow cooker :)

on 1/30/14 3:58 am - OH

The first few weeks, you may not be able to eat what your family eats.  You'll probably be eating two ounces of yogurt or two ounces of cottage cheese or a protein shake for meals.  For those first couple of weeks, I would plan super easy things that your kids like and that are not difficult to fix or messy to clean up.  Like, peanut butter and jelly, cold cereal, hot dogs, whatever.

After that, though, once you're on soft foods, chili is a great option.  And if freezes really well.  What I did when my nephew lived with me and my ex, and I actually had two people besides myself to cook for, is make a main dish that was appropriate for me (chili, red beans and rice, jambalaya, some sort of bean dish, some sort of soup, stir fry, etc) and then made a starch like rice or bread which they ate but I usually skipped.

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on 1/30/14 4:31 am

I will be honest I did make somethings like different soups and stuff for after surgery.But I couldn't bring myself to eat them.I am a little weird that way.My meals are the same as my family's.I may add a potato or rice to theirs but I try to keep it all the same.

I do buy somethings for my husband and my kids such as ice cream.They know how to eat in moderation.They do know how to eat without eating the whole container when no one is around.

Also your tastes change after surgery.I wouldn't go get a ton of things.But I would get things your kids or someone can make for them if you are just drinking a liquid diet. I am sure it will all fall into place.


on 1/30/14 6:17 am - WI
RNY on 08/28/13

Chicken pot pie filling (you can make this with skim milk, chicken breast, veggies, and a packet of chicken gravy) you freeze tthe filling then when you make it for your family you can add biscuits to the top for them and just eat the filling for you.

Sheppard pie - do the same thing or instead of mashed potatoes for the topping for the family do mashed califlower which works really well and everyone can enjoy

Mexican slower cooker chicken is aweseom

White bean turkey chilli for something different

Beef squash cassarole - ground beef or turkey with can tomatoes, can beans, and lots of squash cooked down

Bell pepper soup- chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spicy tomato sauce, ground turkey. The serve over white or brown rice for the family.


Good luck!



on 1/30/14 6:35 am
RNY on 10/21/13

The chicken pot pie filling sounds yummy!




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on 1/30/14 6:38 am, edited 1/30/14 6:39 am
RNY on 10/21/13

I bet the kids will love this and you too.    And it freezes beautifully.   I let it cool and put each slice in a freezer bag-  portion sized and warm in the microwave in a flash.    I like turkey pepperoni and portabella mushrooms on mine  :) gh-pizza.html


Edited to add:  The recipe calls for full fat cream cheese but the last time I made it, I tried the 1/3 less fat and it worked just as well



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on 1/30/14 6:55 am
RNY on 12/27/13

That looks great - thanks for sharing!!!  Friday night is pizza night here and this would be a great substitute for me.

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