Your Very Favoirte Bariatric Cookbook

on 2/3/14 2:23 pm

I only want to buy one, and there are several out there. Can anyone suggest a favorite? I do prefer simplistic, easily accessible ingredients. My surgery is in less than two months, and I want to try out some recipes on the family. :D

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on 2/3/14 8:01 pm - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
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Might I suggest  Shelly has hundreds of recipes (you can search), that are ALL WL friendly - and delish!  I spent 2 hours in the kitchen yesterday cooking and frrezing lots of yummy things for the next two weeks - and all recipes came from her.  And plus, with a cook book you're always limited - Shelly adds stuff almost everyday!  Alos, there are TONS of recipes on this site too.

Good idea to try them on the Fam - get some input!



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on 2/3/14 10:36 pm

Are they free! If so, that is an excellent suggestion!  I have 500 cookbooks and most are tasty but have caloric and fatty recipes.  If I bring home ONE more recipe book, my bookshelf will collapse!



Gotta love the internet! 

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on 2/4/14 9:44 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
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Absolutely FREE, wonderful, mostly easy, and WLS friendly - who could ask for me.  Shelly is on this website too - search for EggFace and you'll find her.  She's really good about offering advice!



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Candy V.
on 2/3/14 8:50 pm - MI
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I would look around online.  Any site with a search feature can be a source of new ideas.  Just search for low carb and explore :) 

Food network has an app called in the kitchen if you use apps.   You can save things you like and categorize them. 

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on 2/3/14 11:02 pm - DC
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The World According to Eggface is AWESOME, and so is Bariatric Foodie.  I also just google whatever I want to make "low carb crockpot turkey chili" and hundreds of results come back.  I do it on my iphone, take a screen shot, and then go to the grocery store with that "list" from the screenshot.  

on 2/4/14 12:18 am - Grand Prairie, TX

I agree with the others. With all the wonderful free recipe sites out there, there is no reason to spend money on a book. You've gotten some great suggestions - you can also check out the Atkins website, you can narrow your search on by "low carb", or simply do a search for "low carb recipes". There's TONS of great stuff for free!

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on 2/4/14 2:23 am - Seattle, WA

Eating Well after Weight Loss surgery is a mazing cook book. Breaks it all down for what surgery you have had. And yes Eggface's recipes are awesome.


on 2/4/14 3:09 am, edited 2/4/14 3:10 am - Woodbury, MN
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I broke down and started using Pintrest. It has all sorst of search features, and then I can catagorize teh recipes. I started by putting different recipes into boards based on the phase I am in. Right now I am working off of the Pureed/soft phase. I'll transition to the easy phase next week, followed by the normal phase. Ihave not been a big fan of pintrest, but this seems to work really well for me. Also, if you see a recipe online, you can pin it yourself so again you have an organized repository for recipes. 


PS - As I make the recipe, I take care to add it to myfittnesspal so I always have the nutrician facts if I want to make it again. 


on 2/4/14 3:43 am

Eggface=YES.  Eating Well After Surgery=Can't wait to start with it.  But the most practical on I got (my sister gave me EWAS and this for Christmas) was Recipes For Weight Loss Surgery Success.  It was the most useful to me immediately after surgery.  I wanted to eat all the beautiful stuff in EWAS, but I didn't have the energy. RFWLSS had simple but interesting recipes for getting through the first few stages without wanting to scream your head off from boredom.  I especially recommend the Salmon Dill Spread and the Seafood Salad.