Mexico what to bring!

on 2/8/14 3:07 pm - Calgary, Canada
RNY on 02/26/14

I am having my surgery in Mexico (finally),  and am wondering what others brought with them for their trip and what maybe they forgot or wished that they had brought.

on 2/9/14 12:34 am - OH

I have no idea what will be provided by the hospital there and what you'll need to provide yourself.  I would ask your surgeon's office what they recommend you bring.  In part it will depend on how long you'll be in Mexico.  I assume you'll be staying at a hotel for a bit after your surgery?  Will the surgeon's office or hospital be providing protein drinks and vitamins, or will you need to bring those with you?  I'd probably take some Tylenol and something like Gas-X.  Clothes and toiletries.

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on 2/9/14 2:38 am

If you are getting surgery in Tijuana, ge****er before you cross.  You will have access to bottled water, but get the kind you would usually drink.  Bring bullion cubes from a brand you know and are familiar with.  I haven't had surgery in Mexico, but I lived in San Diego for 10 years and went to Tijuana weekly.  My sweet husbands family lives there now.  There is a Costco in Zona Rio which is where you will probably be.  Ask your facilitator if they can give you a tour of the museum or somewhere nice.  Tijuana is a beautiful city full of culture.  You just have to look past the shopping and the border crossing.  Best of luck to you. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

on 2/9/14 12:49 am

Definitely Tylenol, I'm at hotel in Mexico. I had RNY on Wednesday. And have a major headache. Gas x strips, slippers, loose comfortable pants, underwear, shirt,  and gown, oxi face wipes, chap stick, lotion, tablet, no need for robe, just use another gown of theirs backwards. Maybe a small travel pillow for plane and car ride home. Phone/chargers. Hotel will most likely provide water, broth, and Popsicles.

good luck and happy travels!

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