6 month appetite

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RNY on 08/07/13

After a 2 week social media hiatus I am rejoining the community.  I had a lot of **** to do...

During the last couple of weeks I reached my 6 month post surgery date, turned 42, and celebrated Valentines day.  And... I am within 2 pounds of 100 lbs lost. Damn.

The latest weird thing- sometime around the 6 month mark I started to have difficulty getting in what had been my "normal" amount of calories.  I am feeling so much fuller after an even smaller amount of food- say 1/2 a cup or less as opposed to 3/4 or even 1 cup, and I have virtually lost any desire to eat.  It is making it a challenge to get in my protein, and when I eat less than 600 calories I feel like crap.  I am keeping on top of things and getting what I need, but it is an unexpected challenge.  Any thoughts or suggestions welcome-

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Maybe it's just the winter blues.  I bet your appetite increases when the weather warms up.  I plan to be real active, especially if I sell my house.  Hang in there.

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Happy Belated Birfday!!  

98 lbs lost is awwwwwwesome! You'll get those two lbs gone before you know it! 

I don't have any words of wisdom regarding your appetite. I'm actually dealing with the opposite problem at the moment. I think some of it is that dreaded head hunger brought on by cabin fever. Kids have been home since last Tuesday because of Southern Snowmagedden 2014. They don't go bac****il this coming Tuesday.  

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I am almost 6 years out and I still have days like that. As long as that is a day or 2 during the week, I am fine, but when that lasts - I start getting more slider foods or even drink with meals to help the food slide from pouch. 

In my case smaller pouch capacity may be due to food allergies, pouch irritation or ulcer (prer-ulcer?) Or simply because I am constipated and my body is trying to regulate how much I can eat.  

Protein shakes, yogurt, cooked veggies - soups or stew - would be my choice to make sure I get enough.., 

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RNY on 07/30/13

I'm just over the six month Mark and have also been feeling full on less. I think it's because the nerves have healed so sending the full signal better.