Maintaining hydration - 7 months out

on 3/16/14 12:19 am - FL
RNY on 08/07/13

I have found that I must drink significantly more fluids than the recommend 64oz to stay hydrated... Like almost double.  

It is manageable once I got used to it, at least on regular days.  Then there are days like yesterday, when an impromptu shopping excursion after lunch with my sister led to me going waterless for a couple of hours.  Felt like crap the rest of the afternoon.  Ended up drinking fluids constantly for the rest of the evening, and even subbing a regular dinner with a protein shake just to try to catch up.  

I wake up during the night from thirst with a dry mouth, though my husband swears I am not snoring or sleeping with my mouth open. Airline travel is a hydration nightmare- I can plan ahead and handle a few hours on a plane, but anything over 4 hours gets me every time.  My baseline activity level is pretty high, so undoubtedly that is a factor. Haven't been able to find much on the web, or in prior posts.  Very peculiar... Any thoughts?


Citizen Kim
on 3/16/14 1:14 am - Castle Rock, CO

I am not someone who has to drink constantly every day - some days I need more than others, but I just adapt as needed.  If I don't drink enough, I will get a headache, which is relieved by drinking a glass or two of water.

I really have no idea how much I drink every day - I just let my body be my guide.

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on 3/16/14 1:23 am - OH

According to the Mayo Clinic, the amount of liquid people  need is an individual thing.  They say women need an average of 72 oz (not 64) and men need an average of 104 oz, but that it varies depending on your body size, activity level, how much you sweat, etc.  I don't think it's peculiar that you need more than 64 oz.  I don't think I'd get dehydrated if I only drank 64 oz, but I'd be thirsty and not feel so well.  I probably drink at least a gallon a day.

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on 3/16/14 1:54 am - WA
RNY on 08/13/13 with
I seem to feel ok when I drink 10-13 cups a day, but when I travel I need a lot more. The plane and hotels seem so dehydrating to me. I just carry water wherever I go and make sure I am constantly drinking.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 3/16/14 4:45 am

We need sodium and other minerals to be able to keep the water inside.  Sometimes drinking too much plain water with low sodium diet cause more water just getting flush out and us getting dehydrated.  Unless you deal with fluid retention or high blood pressure - not enough sodium may cause some issue. Even at 6 years out I have problem getting enough salt. Some days I need crave pickles and need sodium reload.  If I am not careful - I get 500-1000 mg of sodium a day. That is not enough for me on daily basis. 

Read on low sodium intake and hydration. 

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on 3/16/14 10:37 am - OH

That was my thought as well... that it isn't just the amount of fluid, but also related to sodium, electrolytes, etc.


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on 3/16/14 8:54 am - IN

I'm 9 weeks out and I always have problems getting enough fluid in. I wake up at 6am make a 24 ounce drink mixed with diet lemonade and one and a half scoops of fuzzy navel then drink that by noon and start another glass and repeat. I make two 12 oz drinks mixed with protein before i go to bed but it is a struggle everyday. Is there some easier way. It's hard for me to get enough fluid in sometimes I don't.

on 3/16/14 10:49 am
Revision on 07/05/16

It will get better with time. I was about 6 months out before I stopped struggling to get my fluids in. I got up at 530 and set goals of 12 oz every 3 hrs. That was easy for me, since I worked 12 hr shifts and my little patients care times were every 3 hrs.  :)

Professor Sonja!!!!
on 3/16/14 12:14 pm - Miami, FL
RNY on 08/15/12

I carry water or sf ice tea everywhere I go.  I doubt I drink more than 80 oz a day but I don't measure my liquids since I'm 19 months out.

 I also struggle in maintaining my sodium level now which is totally weird to me because when I was pre-op I didn't even own salt in my house because my legs would swell up from retaining water and I was on 3 bp meds.  


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