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on 4/24/14 10:35 pm

Good morning,

I am almost 3 weeks out of surgery and really struggling to meet daily fluid and protein intake.  My post-op appt with the surgeon went well and he told me to just keep trying and to advance my diet as I am able.  This week I am feeling awful!  I wake up in the morning and feeling like I am going to throw up.  There is really nothing in me though, so I am not sure what is going on.  I am really struggling.  I contacted the NUT and she said just keep trying to drink fluid and try popsicles.  Any suggestions?


on 4/24/14 10:48 pm - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

I'm sorry you feel this way :(  Sip on chicken broth, sip on clear protein drinks like Isopure, sip on water of varying temperatures and try to add Mio drops or Crystal Light :)  It gets better I swear.  I feel so incredible, I can't even remember that weird, hormonal, difficult time post-surgery.  Keep at it - fluids and protein will only make you feel better.  Wait until none of your clothes fit and you walk with an extra spring in your step - this will all have been worth it!

on 4/24/14 10:52 pm

I would try sipping water before lifting your head off the pillow. It will entail using a straw with your water but it might stop the impulse to throw up. Then after you have drank some water slowly sit up and stay in bed while drinking as much water as you can before getting up to go to urinate. You can drink flavored water, Powerade zero, sugar free Gatorade,  unsweetened tea, etc. After getting up eat sf popsicles or sf jello, or drink the above mentioned.  Anything is worth trying!

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on 4/24/14 10:56 pm
RNY on 12/18/13

Being nauseated can be a symptom of dehydration. You say you're struggling to get fluids in, how much are you actually drinking on a daily basis? Remember that protein shakes count as liquids, as do popsicles, sugar free jello and broth. Your urine should be pale yellow; any darker and your body is telling you that you need to drink more. It sounds like the advice from your nutritionist is sound: As hard as it is, you must get in enough fluids, daily, or you're going to continue to feel crappy.

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on 4/24/14 11:03 pm

Your doctor can give you Zofran it does help.Just call them and ask the nurse.Do it this morning so you feel better.

on 4/25/14 4:36 am - Reading, PA
RNY on 10/08/13

try starting your day with a hot beverage. I was like this 6 months ago. Now every morning I have my hot cup of chicken broth first thing. I lived on chicken broth rtd protein and SF popsicles( fix it sticks). Be patient. it will get better. I think I was about 3 months out before I started getting in my protein and fluids completely.

on 4/25/14 9:00 am, edited 4/25/14 9:01 am

If you're nauseous and it's making it hard to get in fluids, you should ask your doctor for an rx to combat nausea. Don't let him suggest OTC nausea medications. My experience with these is that they do approximately nothing. My surgeon gives ALL patients a Zofran Rx to fill before surgery. It comes in a nice dissolving tablet that starts getting absorbed as it melts in your mouth and makes you feel better almost immediately. Throwing up on a freshly stitched stomach is not a good idea, and nausea that makes you not want to drink is no good.

Nausea is very common, and quite treatable. Call your surgeon and explain that it's preventing you from staying hydrated. Some people tend to downplay their problems when talking to a doctor. Make sure you don't do this. Explain what's happening and how bad it is. Be insistent. YOU'RE the one who's nauseous. 

The other thing that I had at 2-3 weeks is a lot of lightheadedness and a little nausea caused from the extended clear liquid diet (low blood sugar and lack of electrolytes). What helped a LOT was some cooked white potato pureed into chicken broth, liberally salted. White potatoes are very good sources of potassium, magnesium, and other minerals you've been missing in your diet. You probably aren't getting much salt either. This does a good job of staving off low blood sugar and giving you a shot of electrolytes. It made me feel MUCH better.

Practically any carbohydrate can cause a rise in blood sugar that will often fix nausea (the potato puree just has some advantages). It's a funny thing that low blood sugar (in "real life" you would be hungry, but probably not right now) can make you nauseous, but it can. You can try saltines, cream of wheat, oatmeal, anything that sounds appealing and is on your surgeon's plan. My surgeon considered all of these soft foods good for this stage. Later, when you're healed, you won't want to eat these simple carbohydrates, but for right now, they can be a lifesaver.

All that said, struggling to get enough fluids and protein in is very common at this stage. It's not easy. Don't feel like you're doing something wrong or not progressing as fast as you should. You can't drink much, are probably asleep a lot, and may just not feel like eating or drinking anything. For me, broth, sugar free jell-o, and sugar free lemonade were the only things I felt like for a while. Warm liquids often worked better than cold. You'll see what works for you. Just keep getting as much liquid down as you can.

Keep in mind that what comes first is hydration. The leading cause of readmission is dehydration. They say they want you to get 64 oz a day. That's a great goal, but sometimes not possible right after surgery. 32 oz will, almost always, keep you reasonably hydrated and on your feet unless you're sweating a lot. Work on hydration before anything else. If you can do that, THEN worry about your protein. Then worry about vitamins after that. Just keep plugging away and doing your best. 

sarah D.
on 4/25/14 1:30 pm - CO
RNY on 03/24/14

hi i just wanted to let you know i am also 3 weeks out and can only get 24-34 oz a day and half of that is protein drink. i also get nauseous in the am but by lunch i can start drinking. i do a lot of sf Popsicles. good luck on getting them in

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