5 Months - Medications NSV

Liz W.
on 5/16/14 7:00 am - Elmira, NY
RNY on 12/16/13

Happy Friday!  As I was getting ready to close up my computer a few minutes ago, I looked down at the date and realized today is my 5 month surgiversary!  This has been a great week for NSV's for me - but the best by far was yesterday when my blood pressure was 102/62 at my doctor's appointment.  My Dr. took me off of the half dose of high blood pressure medication!!! I am now off all of the medications I was taking for my long list of co-morbidities - two high blood pressure meds, cholesterol med, metabolic syndrome med and so forth.  The weight loss has been great, but the reason I did this was to reduce my co-morbidities to improve my overall health and wellness.  Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes for continued successes!

AGE: 57  |  HW: 348    SW: 264    CW: 155 GW: 160  |  HEIGHT 5'7.5"       



Caroline K.
on 5/16/14 9:59 am

Nice! Congratulations!

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on 5/16/14 10:16 am - FL
RNY on 01/07/14

Great news!

im hoping for some of the same at my six month appt.

RNY 1/7/2014 with Jeffery Lord, Pensacola, FL