Lisa W.
on 5/22/14 11:44 am - Denver, CO

im 2 1/2 weeks out tried crushing vitamins, tri halfing them, swalllowing whole and i get a gag reflex and get really sick is liquids just as good help please !

        Lisa Willis













on 5/22/14 12:05 pm - OH

Some liquid vitamins are good and some aren't, just like some chewable vitamins are good and some aren't.  You have to read the label to see if it has what you need.

By the way, have you tried chewable vitamins?  Or are you just crushing regular pill vitamins?

You might want to try ENS from Celebrate.  It's a powder that is a multi plus 500 mg calcium citrate.  You can get it with protein, too, so it's also a protein shake, or without the protein.

You might also like Upcal D, which is powdered calcium citrate.  You can put it in any drink or in something like yogurt.

You're using a sublingual B12, right?  But you can also get that in a shot or in  a nasal spray, if you prefer.

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on 5/22/14 11:10 pm

All of my vitamins and such are chewable. I use the Bariatric Advantage multi-vitamins, chewable citri-cal, Bariatric Advantage chewable iron (although it leaves a nasty sweet film in my mouth), and the sublingual B-12. The only pill I take is the anti-nausea pill and it is really tiny... even I can take it. I tried the petite calcium tablets and they were even too big... but I am a weenie when it comes to taking pills.

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