NSV at the playground

on 6/2/14 4:01 am - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

Time for a quick update.  I am still on a major stall - I'm at the lowest weight I have ever managed to arrive at but this time I'm hanging in there cuz I know I am not done losing yet, not to mention having a tool that lets me keep working at it.  AND I am working out really hard so there's got to be some muscle-building going on.  Now for the NSV...I took my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter to the playground and had a blast playing with her...then she said, "Gramma, I want to go on the slide WITH you." Well, this is a tiny little 'twirly' kind of slide and I have not been on any slide since I was about 10...but thought, well, no one is here, might as well see what happens if I just sit at the top with her.  Hmmmm not too bad, actually let's give this a go...and we did.  I slid down the kiddie slide and I fit LOLOL!!!!  Then we climbed the rope bridge and I said I can't get thru the top it's too narrow...well, let's see, Hummmm I CAN get thru it just fine.  I am actually small enough to do this kind of thing now....funny how I didn't even think to try but my baby girl got me playing with her. How much FUN it is to get to do all these things with her, not jus****ch!! Hooray for my RNY!! :)


on 6/2/14 5:05 am - Marlborough, MA
RNY on 06/16/14 with

Awesome NSV! I'm very happy for you! 

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on 6/2/14 5:23 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Very nice. Your granddaughter is going to love the new you.

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on 6/2/14 5:39 am - Brighton, IL

What wonderful NSVs! You will be a really fun and active grandma now! It really does take a lo g time for our minds to realize we are not so big anymore. I'm glad your granddaughter convinced you to play with her!



on 6/2/14 11:12 am

That is GREAT! I just have one question. I am new so, what is an NSV?

on 6/2/14 12:07 pm - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

NSV - Non Scale Victory   ... enjoying a victory that isn't reflected in numbers on a scale but in something to do with living anew :)


on 6/2/14 1:40 pm
RNY on 11/20/13

Yes Yes! I'm right there with you!  I had the same thing happen earlier this spring.  Was at the park with the grandkids and felt a little energetic so after their pleas, I gave it a try... they loved sliding with their Nana!  Enjoy your new playtime with your granddaughter!

Pam (RNY: 11/20/2013)

on 6/2/14 3:21 pm

Thank you! 

on 6/2/14 7:59 pm
RNY on 12/18/13

Susan, what a beautiful NSV! I'm so glad to hear you enjoying the playground with your granddaughter, it's hearing things like that that keep me inspired. Great job!

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Liz W.
on 6/3/14 9:47 am - Elmira, NY
RNY on 12/16/13

Wonderful NSV!  And so much fun!

Best wishes for continued successes!

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