1 year lab results...thoughts?

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After my 9 month lab results I increased vitamin A, added copper and magnesium due to downward trends.  I also changed the calcium I was taking. (not does or type just from chewables to pills)

Most things are still running just fine.  Here are some of the trends I've noticed.  I will discuss with my PA next Monday but I love hearing what you all think so I have lots of other thoughts and opinions to discuss with my PA.  She is really good about trends and me getting copies of all my labs and tracking stuff.  She even adds extra tests to my lab requests because I asked.  I had to promise that I didn't self diagnose any trends though and that I would bring them to her attention to discuss. 

Here is what I noticed this time

My copper while still within range its on a down ward trend.  This lab says it should be between 70-175  over the year its gone like this 118, 115, 102, 91  between 102 and 91 I added 5mg per day

My Iron is going up.  I have not added iron but I did get an IUD in february and have almost no periods. since.  Iron is at the top end  Range should be 40-145 its at 141 over the year its gone like this 46, 58, 83, 141   For reference my transferrin was on a downward trend but has started coming back up with a range of 174 - 382 and has gone 225, 221,198, 211   The Ferritin should be 4.6-204 and has gone 94.73, 93.69, 97.24, 102.60  

I know iron overdoes is just as bad as being deficient!

Lastly B-12  I have no idea why but it had a HUGE jump.  Its been pretty consistent and is now HIGH.  The rands is 211-911 it is currently 1132  past amounts were 708, 672, 751, 1132


B-1 didn't show up on my labs!  





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Your iron and B12 are both excellent.

I guess you need to add a bit more copper.

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