anyone who had a open RNY?

on 6/28/14 2:47 pm - ocala, FL

Give me advice how did you sleep and eat and ect. I cant sleep unless im sitting up. I will not take anything down so much pain i dont know how to be comfortable and advice would help.

on 6/28/14 3:54 pm
RNY on 05/07/13

I didn't have an open WLS but can tell you that many people here were only able to sleep in a recliner for a long time.  Take your pain medicine!!!  You can't take care of yourself if you are in too much pain.  If the pain medicine isn't helping, call your surgeon's number and someone should call you back.  Most of the surgeon's have someone on call for this kind of thing.  Please be sure to get in enough water/fluids.  Think priorities right now.  Pain meds, fluids, move, then protein.  These priorities will change from hour to hour right now and that is ok.  It does get better. 









on 6/29/14 12:06 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

Can you walk yet?  Walking helped me tolerate the pain better and helped me feel more comfortable when I did rest. Sleeping sitting up might be the only way for quite a while. You must be so frustrated right now but each day should get a little bit better, Eno.

on 6/29/14 12:51 am
RNY on 10/28/13

I had open RNY last October. My incision was 3in at most. I slept in a recliner for 7-10 days. Only way,  because sitting up in bed is painful!! As you know :). Go slow, take pain meds, be good to yourself.  Your making a serious life style change for the better, so start by being patient and good to you! Eating is a challenge no matter what type of wls you have.  Again, go slow, be patient and don't be too brave.  Your tummy is learning a whole new life too :).  Each day gets better. Walk as much as possible.  I walked around my house and it's not big, lol. Very boring but necessary. I am almost 9 mo out and have lost 85 lbs and 55 inches.  Best decision ever! I have followed surgeons and nutritionists directions to the letter, their the experts.  


on 6/29/14 6:16 am - MN

I had open RNY but didn't have much pain - I felt like I had done a million sit ups but not pain. I slept in my bed ever night but getting in and out of bed was a trick. sat on the bed tipped on my side and then rolled over to my back. Just the opposite getting back up. Muscles will be sore, Move as much as you can, exercise and as much water as you can. I was on liquids for 3 weeks so broth, bouillon, jello and Gatorade watered down.  You can sleep in a recliner if you're more comfortable. Warm compress on the effected area - not directly on the skin but it will relax the muscles. Stretching helps get those muscles moving again. Keep moving to keep tissue oxygenated and you'll feel better in no time. I didn't have any staples or stitches or drains so that helped. If you have those it will be more tender.

Jen RNY 2001


on 6/29/14 6:54 am - ocala, FL

Thank you for writing back i went in for Laparoscopic and he cut me and did it but the realized that my small intestines was dead and he cut me up and did it open so my whole stomach is a war zone. I have staples i just got back from the grocery store and im so out of breathed.. This is so rough. 

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 6/29/14 10:23 am - OH

I had open surgery with an incision from just below my breastbone to my waist (8 inches because my belly was so big).  I slept in my recliner for several weeks because tying to lay flat in bed hurt too much (and getting back up OUT of bed hurt even more).  Make sure you walk as much as you can, even if it is just laps around the house, and take the pain meds on a regular schedule so you don't allow the pain to get too bad. If you don't have a recliner, sometimes people prop a bunch of pillows on the arm of the couch.  The pain should be much better on a week or so.


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