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on 7/9/14 7:57 am - United Kingdom
RNY on 05/20/14

I use skim milk powder on my yogurt, low cal hot chocolate made with skim milk, any thing...even low cal pudding I add extra skim milk powder....


i agree...protein  powder and shakes made me gag and 2 weeks out, I even threw I a pudding I really wanted that I had added the protein powder to, across the room into the sink I was so disappointed ...caused an uproar in the family......they thought I had finally lost it....


i think they may have been right!

Dianna S.
on 7/9/14 8:08 am

I'm nine days Po-op and just called nurse yesterday about the same thing.  she told me to shoot for 25-30g of protein a day for now and in crease by five grams until I am on a regular diet.  I was worried I wasn't getting enough in.  she suggested making my own protein shakes, 1/2 cup dannon light n fit Greek yogurt and I cup of skim milk.  just blend and break up in to manageable serving sizes throughout the day. 

today has been much better!  no gagging for me at all. 

good luck!


RNY on 6/30/14 with Dr Boynton

on 7/9/14 10:43 am

PREMIER PROTEIN. it is the best one i have fOund that taste GOOD! Chevk Amazon. Pure Protein in Wal-Mart is ok too. But my favorite is Premier Protein.

on 7/9/14 12:12 pm

Try the Syntrax Nectars;  they have a sample pack of their products at their website.  I think there are about 12 different flavors that can be made with either water or skim milk.

on 7/9/14 12:36 pm - Mc Calla, AL
VSG on 06/12/14

I am 4 weeks out and I was the same way I could not tolerate hardly any protein powder.  Finally changed to soy milk and using vanilla protein powder, I have gotten creative and made some very tasty shakes.  I do break them up in 4 oz at a time.  I do best with that.  I also have been buying the Isopure drinks at GNC and mixing them with sugar free crystal light in 8 oz bottles and getting them very chilled and I can drink those easily also.   Just play around with different things.  I love the SF lemonade flavor water mix with my vanilla protein powder and soy milk....it taste like a lemon meringue pie.  It feels like I'm cheating.  Good luck, you will figure it out.

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Scarlette B.
on 7/9/14 12:38 pm - TX
RNY on 03/20/14

Wish I would have tried nectar 2 weeks out.  They are the only drinks that my new stomach can stand...:)

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on 7/11/14 5:40 am
RNY on 07/28/14

Flavored Unjury and Syntrax Nectars are good. They are also whey protein isolate, which is the purest form of protein and allows for maximum absorption. You only absorb about 75% of the whey protein concentrates, which seems like a waste of money and pouch space. :)

on 7/11/14 5:50 am - Baltimore, MD

Well firstly, let's accept the fact that at two weeks out getting enough of anything is hard! 

Next, let's make a plan. 

For you, there are probably a few things going on. You may find that everything just tastes too sweet. You might also find that you smell things differently (especially if you've been nauseous).

If either of those things are a factor I'd suggest looking into some unflavored proteins. I like one called BiPro USA (www.biprousa.com). I think someone else gave you a link to my blog on how to mix up hot protein drinks. Just a note that that same method works with broth! Infuse some protein into your broth and put it in a sippable thermos. Yogurt is also good. One thing a lot of post-ops do right after surgery is also add a serving of powdered milk to stuff. You could do that with yogurt (although not a whole serving, I'd suggest 2-3 tablespoons).

One other thing I saw folks do early out (although I never did) was make what I call a "double shot shake" (two servings of protein) and make a big drink and sip on it all day. If you do that get a blender bottle (with the wire ball in it so you can keep remixing it) and refrigerate when you are not drinking it!

Lastly, try making some protein pudding. Here's how you do it! http://bariatricfoodie.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-make-protein-pudding.html


I hope that helps. But take it one step at a time. You'll get there.

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on 7/11/14 6:06 am - West Sacramento, CA

Eno, I'm just where you are. I'm in my 2nd week post RNY. My plan doesn't allow for tomato juice or spicy food (and it gave me heartburn when I tried it :) )! 

The Unjury unflavored protein powder is kind of gross but the flavored stuff can be stomached if you add Torani syrup. I got some hazelnut flavored no-sugar syrup and added it to chocolate and YUM! Get some of those and give it a try. The flavors run from caramel to belgian cookie to black cherry. I got mine at the grocery store.

Another staple for me, Anderson's Split Pea Soup with Bacon! Honest to God, it's real food and you don't need the blender because it's already blended!!! And it's high protein already.


on 7/14/14 11:28 am - IN

Is bean and bacon soup alright to have and can I buy Andersons split pea at Walmart ?

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