on 7/10/14 8:57 am - ocala, FL

I will be 3 weeks post op tuesday i want a pickle. Do you think it will be any harm to eat a pickle slowly!! Or is it too early.. 

Caroline K.
on 7/10/14 9:40 am

I'd check your surgeon's plan. Mine would not have let me eat solids  that weren't soft that early. Would a sip of the pickle juice help the craving?

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on 7/10/14 9:44 am - ocala, FL

I didnt think about that a couple of sips will do. Thank you :)

Sherrie P.
on 7/10/14 11:31 am
RNY on 02/06/13

I craved pickles too... I have also heard of a lot of others doing the same.

Honestly - I sucked on one! I just squeezed out the juice.


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on 7/12/14 5:44 pm - Sweden
RNY on 11/28/13

Here's a tip, fellow pickle lovers: pour pickle juice into some plastic popsicle forms (Tupperware sells them but you can also find them cheap at Walmart, etc). Freeze and enjoy dill pickle juice popsicles. I dilute it with about 1/3 water to make it icier.


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