EGD yesterday...large ulcer grrr

on 7/18/14 3:44 am

I had an upper scope yesterday and found out I have a large ulcer in my pouch.  I'm on carafate and protonix for three months and then recsope. Does anyone have experience or advice? I've been very careful with what I eat and followed the rules.  Bummed out blah! 







on 7/18/14 3:52 am - OH

Ulcers usually are not caused by what you eat.  Most often they are caused by a bacteria but sometimes are caused by smoking or NSAIDS.  Did they test you for h. pylori?


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on 7/18/14 4:01 am

I don't smoke or take NSAIDS.  I will call the gastro doc and ask about h pylori.  I'm going over papers from yesterday, I do see that he took a biopsy.  I'm uncertain how they test for h. Pylori so I definitely will be calling. Thank you for the information.  :)







on 7/18/14 1:51 pm - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

I had an ulcer 3 weeks after surgery and it had nothing to do with food and i wasn't taking NSAIDs at all. I had a negative H-pylori test before surgery. So for me, it was one of those things that just happened after surgery.

on 7/19/14 4:11 am

Sorry to hear about your ulcer, but it's helpful to hear others with same experience.  I take no NSAIDs and I'm a non smoker, non drinker...I was dumbfounded to find out I had a large ulcer.  I put a call in to my docs office to find out about h. Pylori.  I just like answers and want to know how to get past this .  Thanks for your reply.