Seriously need a breakthru!

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I am thankful every day for my RNY.  I've lost a total of 122 pounds (and 12 dress sizes) since making the decision to pursue that option and have another 20 or so to lose. I have been "stuck" at this weight for several months but really expected to just stop here a while because THIS is the weight I have always lost to before, then would begin to regain.  I am pursing all the first principles of protein first, vitamins, water, measuring, exercise and a positive attitude.  But really need to tighten things up and get back on the horse or something to start losing again.  I do have quite a bit of weight still obvious and my doctors (surgeon and PCP) both agree I could lose some more...I've just gotten stuck due to the mental block I always seem to hit at this point and need to get serious to start losing again. 

So I am writing to my fellow RNY'ers for a little accountability to you and maybe a bit of support from you.  I know I always stopped here at this weight before, because I tended to sort of panic when I realized I was no longer "invisible" due to my weight.  I am more outgoing and therefore more visible - being a shy girl, I'm not really comfortable but am pushing out of that old comfort zone because I truly do want to hit my goal this year.  I had not been out of state for over 20 years but have already gone out 2 times so far this year and have tickets for two more trips including my first ever to Hawaii in September.  So lots of motivation, just need to dial it in and start losing again.  I've been pretty low on the calorie count so I may bump it up a little to see if that kicks things into gear.  Otherwise my health is fantastic, energy is great, and I even love my exercise classes.  Life is super awesome, just want to finish this race I've been in for SO long!! :)  Thanks, gang!!


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I'm right there with you. I feel fine at my current weight so had become a little more complacent and have been playing around with what I think could be a maintenance diet, but now feel like I could lose a few more pounds so am really making sure I'm not going over the calorie count I have set for myself. I have used My Fitness Pal faithfully for the last year, but now that my hunger has returned somewhat I have started tracking my food the evening before. This helps with my cravings as I can go ahead and "budget" all the things I want/need to eat the next day and am not waylaid by any temptations. Good luck with continuing the race!



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I'm an avid user of MFP too, on a good streak now ... 251 days in a row LOL.  But I never thought about pre-planning a day, I love that idea...I will try it.  Thank you for your feedback!!  And I hope to hear good things for you as well :o)


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Thanks! Let me know how it works out for you.




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Looking at your profile, your BMI is 24. So using that and your ticker, I assume you are around 5'5" tall and 145. Why do you think you need to lose 20 more pounds? Have you had your body at measured? That may give you a more accurate way to determine your goal weight.

Maybe you need to increase your exercise intensity. An hour on an elliptical is a great cardio workout.

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Caroline K.
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Do you weight train? If not, you may want to consider it since it helps build muscle, which helps you burn fat.

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Thanks for the replies! I do regularly exercise, including running most days (though I should try to increase both time and distance - def a god suggestion and someplace I can increase effort), and weight training at the gym 3x a week (I worked with a trainer for several weeks to get a good program going). 

Both my surgeon and my PCP told me I do have more weight to lose, based on my genetics and bone structure.  Most women in my family are my height (5'5") and weigh in the 110s; my mother was 112, so the goal I was given at 125 was reasonable.  I wear a size 14 (jeans are way baggy but a 12 is too tight) -- I don't know why that is, when I keep reading how many people in the 180s are into size 8s, but that hasn't happened yet for me LOL. 

Thanks again for the suggestions, will be seeing where I can dial it in more :o)


White Dove
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I lost my last 14 pounds on a high carb diet.  Dr Atkins used to recommend going from high protein to high fruit as a way to shock the body into dropping more weight.  The caveat is that on the fruit diet you do not consume protein.  It took me six weeks.  I ate as much as I wanted of strawberries, blueberries, fresh pineapple, oranges, nectarines, peaches, pears, apples, melons and anything else that was fruit not protein.  I did not eat huge quantities and I did not dump.  I just made fruit plates for each meal and garnished them with sugar-free Cool Whip.  It took me six weeks to go from 142 to 128. 

Then I went back to protein forward and the weight stayed off for a long time.  I ended up at 136 and look and feel better at that weight.  I am 66 years old and 5'2.

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