hmm 3 week stall and cant get protein in

on 7/19/14 10:15 am, edited 7/19/14 10:42 am - ocala, FL

Im falling offf!!! Sitting at 211 and havent moved for 2 weeks now.. Having a protein issue isnt helping.. Tuesday makes a month and i finally today finished a whole bottle of water its pretty sad. Dr. Has been out since i had surgery its been a month since i seen him.  I hope i can get in to see him this week. 

on 7/19/14 12:01 pm
RNY on 07/01/14

Tuesday will be 3 weeks for me and I also am not getting near enough fluids or protein.  But my nurse told me not to stress too much, that I should just aim for more each week with an eventual goal of over 60 protein and over 64 fluid.  That took the pressure off a bit for me.  



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Stalls stink but they are pretty common.... your body is just realizing that it's not going to get the same level of fuel it's used to and so it will hold on to those fat stores for dear life, happens several times as we lose (8 months was a long one month one for me, stuck at 80 lost, broke eventually and went on to lose 78 more pounds.) Weight is shifting during these stalls and inches are being lost.

Aim for better every day on protein... like a campfire you need kindling to start a big fire... so if you want to burn fat you need to fuel the body with some good protein. You will get to Dr's recommended levels sooner than you think then LOL you will suddenly think you are eating too much ;) it's the way it goes.

Water is SOOOOO important so just strap that bottle to your side and sip every chance (dehydration happens too easy post WLS and is one of the biggest reasons for re admittance) 

Hope the scale # start dropping again soon but just concentrate on those factors you have control over water, protein, moving the bod, taking vits :)

Best to you!

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on 7/19/14 11:05 pm - ocala, FL

Thanks both of yall... Im just stressing i guess and your right about the eating i feel like im eating to much already. I start fish this week so im going to try to get my protein in that way and shrimp i think i have to look at my packet.  But the shakes are out of the question i throw them right up

on 7/20/14 2:50 am - Sunny Southern, CA

Have you tried to change milk (cow's milk was not my friend post-op)

I do soy or water or a soy/water combo

Certainly not a necessity to have shakes but its nice when you want a quick, low cal protein source. Might be worth experimenting. 

Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Recipes & Rambling

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