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on 7/20/14 4:26 am - WA
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Had to see my PCP for unrelated issue, and since I am so close to my 1 year Surgiversary, she decided to order my labs. Happy to say that everything came back normal and I am feeling awesome. B12 was a little high, but I am going to stick with my B12 daily regimen bc when I reduce to 3x a week, I tend to feel my right foot goes a little tingly, especially when I workout. Don't know why, but when I take my B12 daily, I don't have this problem.
Still trying to get rid of these 4lbs I've gained since beginning of month - but I'm back on plan, got my workout in today, and feeling positive I can do this.

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High B12 levels aren't unusual or dangerous since excess B goes right through us.  Last time I had labs I was over 1500, where I have been pretty consistently all along, so keep doing what you are doing.

Keep a copy of your labs so that next time you have something to compare with and you can see if any of your levels start to trend downwards and adjust accordingly.  That way you can head off any deficiencies before they become a problem.

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congrats on meeting your 1 year sugericalversary! I can't get enough B12! haha but always had issues even before surgery on Vit D and B12! 


You'll get those 4lbs off :) GOOD LUCK!

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on 7/23/14 11:26 am - NJ
RNY on 08/08/13

I just got my 1 year labs done as well.  My B12 was at 1999 but everything else was right where it needed to be.  That's interesting that you get tingly in your foot when you reduce your intake.  My doc told me to go to taking my B12 every other day so I'll see how this goes.

You'll have no problem with those last 4 lbs!  

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