4 month surgiversary

Kimberly K.
on 7/21/14 11:52 am
RNY on 03/21/14

Hello everyone. Today is my 4 month surgiversary. Kinda snuck up on me! I am down 64 lbs including the preop liquid diet weight loss and I have never felt better. I have not dumped but I have been very compliant so haven't eaten a lot of sugar or fat. Have had the foamies about 4 times when some food got stuck. I ate too fast and most likely didn't chew well enough. Just two fears....hair loss and I notice I can eat more than before. Both are to be expected but still...I continue to love this forum and come here often for education and reinforcement.

Kim K.    

on 7/21/14 12:45 pm

Congratulates on the 64 lbs. keep working hard girlie :)

on 7/22/14 1:22 am

Congrats!!!  I just hit 3 months yesterday down 64 pounds as well. 

The Salty Hag
on 7/22/14 1:41 am
RNY on 05/20/13

Congrats on an amazing job. You've done well! 

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Tom Petty

on 7/22/14 1:51 am - WA
RNY on 08/13/13 with
Congrats. You've done amazing in just 4 months.

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on 7/23/14 3:33 am

Hi Kimberly!


I just had my four month surgiversary on the 20th.  I have lost 45 pounds and hopefully lose another 20 for a goal weight of 120 -125lb.  I have not dumped either.  I am too scared to have it happen, so I stay away from any possible thing that could cause it. I also had the foamies a couple of times for the same reasons as you.  I also have vomited I guess because the food didnt agree with my new "stomach".  Had my 4 month appt with the doctor yesterday, he doesnt seem to concerned about the vomiting, or the hair loss.  Congratulatioins on your weight loss!