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on 8/15/14 11:32 am

Well I'm 6 days out. On the way home from surgery I came down with allergies I'm guessing.coughing, OMG I thought I was dieing. Felt like my insides were being ripped open. I'm not coughing anymore. But now I'm having like stomach cramps. Stomach gurgling. Has anybody had the stomach cramps after drinking. I drank lemonaide crystal lite or water .any help

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on 8/15/14 11:39 am
RNY on 04/24/14

Gurgling and strange noises will become the new normal LOL! As for cramping your pouch is going to be sensitive. You could try room temp or Luke warm water to drink which was much easier for me for the first few weeks. 


Good luck



on 8/15/14 12:13 pm

Thanks I will try the Luke warm sounds like a good idea thanks a lot

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on 8/15/14 12:11 pm - Seattle , WA
RNY on 08/05/14 with

I was told gurgling is actually good bowel signs. Make sure that you walk, walk, walk and it will help with the gas pains tremendously!

on 8/15/14 12:14 pm

That's good to hear I was getting worried thanks

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on 8/19/14 7:28 am
VSG on 08/08/14 with

I hope you are feeling better now.

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