7 month update (with pics!)

on 8/21/14 1:59 am
RNY on 01/07/14

Hi friends!

I've been a little MIA from this site. Decided to give a little update.

These last few months have been crazy! I graduated from college in DC in May (Bachelors in Drama, btw), worked with the Capital City Fringe Festival in June/July, and then...I was jobless. Crap. What was I going to do? DC is expensive and I'm broke!!! Well, I ended up getting a great job as an Event Stage Manager at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for their Halloween season (hopefully Christmas season, too). So I packed my bags and moved back in with my parents in Virginia Beach... Which has its pros (not having to pay rent) and cons (living with my parents at 22 after graduating from college is a little weird for me but whatever). I'm glad to be back in my hometown, and I'm hoping that I will have a great experience with Busch Gardens. I love what I do and I'm happy that I'm excited to go to work. I start on Saturday. :)

Fitness-wise, I hit a plateau after graduation and that sucked. I switched up my diet and packed in more protein and I started doing yoga 3 or 4 times a week. I used to hate yoga when I was bigger because I felt like a whale and I couldn't do a lot of the poses. Now I feel graceful and beautiful and it's very relaxing for me! DC has a lot of great yoga studios that I loved, and now I guess I have to find a new one down here.

When I started my pre-op diet in January I weighed 255. Today I'm 170! :) Woo! That's 85 pounds. Crazy! Here's a picture from last May and then one from a few months ago!

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on 8/21/14 2:19 am

Congrats on your success you look amazing.  Seems you have been on a roller coaster but at least things seem to have turned out well. I have surgery tomorrow and hope to look half as good as you.

on 8/21/14 2:47 pm
RNY on 01/07/14

Good luck!!!

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on 8/21/14 3:05 am - WA
RNY on 08/13/13 with
WOW - you look fantastic. Makes me want to try yoga again. I need to switch up my workout routine too, especially with Fall coming. Congrats on your success!!

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on 8/21/14 2:46 pm
RNY on 01/07/14

You should! It's a nice way to have "me" time. Helps me to focus on meditation and self love while getting a workout in.

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Caroline K.
on 8/21/14 4:33 am


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Spots- N-Dots
on 8/21/14 8:15 am

Congratulations on your weight loss and on your new exciting job !


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on 8/21/14 12:08 pm - CA
RNY on 07/03/14

You look wonderful!  I've always felt the same about yoga because my stomach got in the way I couldn't really do anything.  Now that I'm losing weight I think I might be able to do it.  I bought a Yoga for beginners DVD earlier this week.  I'm going to give it a try at home before I join others.  Congrats on graduating and on looking so good!

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on 8/21/14 7:39 pm - Willits, CA

Very nice indeed. 


on 8/22/14 1:21 am

You look great!!!  Good luck with your job and hopefully you'll work thru Christmas and then find something permanet.


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