on 8/21/14 7:48 am

Hey all,

So I was just invited for an interview for a job I'd love to get. The problem? The interview is an all day affair, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner with my potential supervisor. (This is pretty normal in the area I work in, so I'm used to these all day things).  The problem - how do I eat? LOL

That sounds silly as I write it, but I'm kind of at a loss. I don't want to offend anyone by not ordering or ordering something that is small and still not eating it all, but there's no way I can even handle an appetizer at this point in my recovery (I will be just over a month out when I go to this interview). I also do not think it's appropriate for me to share why I have to be so picky. I will feel the situation out of course, but I'd like to have a game plan going in. Anyone have experience with this? I don't want to screw up what could be a good career move for me by having strange diet habits...

Any help would be much appreciated!! 

on 8/21/14 8:14 am - OH

Can't you just say you are recovering from stomach surgery?  You don't need to give details.

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on 8/21/14 8:21 am

You could say you're recovering from surgery and don't have much of an appetite.  No details need to be included.

on 8/21/14 8:32 am
RNY on 11/21/14

Order what you want and then push the food around on your plate.  No one is likely to notice.

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on 8/21/14 8:40 am - Sunny Southern, CA

I'd probably order something small, that I could have a couple of bites of and move it around on my plate a bit... if they even realize, they would probably chalk it up to nerves. I tend to think mentioning anything draws attention to something that probably wouldn't be noticed. 

Do you know where you will be eating already? Maybe check online and see if there is anything that makes sense. Cottage chese and fruit or plain oatmeal or soup. 

Good Luck with the interview. Hope you land the job!

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on 8/21/14 9:45 pm
RNY on 12/18/12

Order something small or something safe, like soup and take forever to eat it.  No one will notice.  People that you go out to eat with are seriously focused on themselves and what they are eating.  It's unlikely anyone will notice. 


on 8/21/14 10:42 pm

I'm a little over 4 months out.  I make NO excuses for the way I eat or anything having to do with my surgery.  You should just do what you need to do, and if anyone says anything, you could simply state that you have special dietary needs.  They don't need to know why.  Or if the situation feels right, you could give more of an explanation.

on 8/21/14 10:50 pm - FL
RNY on 08/07/13

Oh, boy this brings back memories.  I was soooo stressed about this very issue. Advice: don't explain yourself, it just draws attention.  If anyone notices, it will likely be the waiter concerned that you don't like your meal - and then just say "it's absolutely delicious, but I just can't eat another bite". No one will notice, I promise - I've now been through this situation many, many times. You'll be fine.

White Dove
on 8/21/14 11:22 pm

I would not mention anything about having surgery.  During an interview you do not want to send out any signals that you are not healthy.  But you are still overweight, so it is fine to say that you are trying to drop some weight.  Perfectly true and most of the world is one a diet at some time or other. 

If you can handle eggs, maybe a one egg white omelet for breakfast, but try it first at home.  As Eggface suggested, plain oatmeal with a little milk and sweetener or grits if you are in the South.  I think I would have been able to handle a buttermilk biscuit at that stage.

Applesauce is easy to get down and cottage cheese and soup with crackers could be good choices.  Eat very slowly and carefully.  You don't want to have to dash to the restroom to vomit.  Do not try anything that you have not tried at home.  If you know where you will be eating, maybe you can scope the menus out in advance.  Starting out with warm peppermint tea helped me at that stage.

By keeping a smile on your face and appearing to be enjoying the meal but in perfect control of your eating, you can come out as looking extremely disciplined and dedicated to your health.  That can give you a big bonus with the interviewers.  They will wish they had your will power.

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on 8/21/14 11:46 pm

I have been on these types of interviews before and it can be touch.  You won't be able to control the places they take you and you probably won't have a heads up to look up the menu at them either.  At a month out I would suggest yogurt or a scrambled egg for breakfast, soup for the lunch, and soup or chili for dinner.  Do not worry about what others will think about the amount you consume -- you are on an interview, they expect you to be more focused on talking to them and interacting vs. eating.

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