Menu for the day.

on 8/21/14 5:07 am

I am 12 years post op, actually 10 pounds below my goal so I hope you realize this post is said with concern and caring. When I see posts about what is on the menu today it scares me for long term success. My days pre RYN started with, well what do I eat today and my life pretty much revolved around my food. Post op I have to remember to eat. I do plan my exercise for the day, avid biker. My point is,dear people don't let food be your first thought if you want long term success

Karen M.
on 8/21/14 5:48 am - Mississauga, Canada

And I, 8 1/2 years post-op and easily maintaining a 170 loss (start 290, NOW 120), will respectfully disagree.

Planning is KEY with weight loss surgery. I plan my menu each and every morning and record it on a "What are you eating/doing today" thread. Plan = organized thoughts = mindful eating. It keeps me on track and accountable.




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on 8/21/14 5:59 am

You have a very good point. I respect that. I just no longer focus my life around food. 

Karen M.
on 8/21/14 6:05 am - Mississauga, Canada

Oh trust me - my life isn't focused around food. But taking the time to help myself to be successful each morning? - Priceless.



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Gwen M.
on 8/21/14 6:46 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I plan for the day so that I don't focus my life around food.  I take some time early on to think about what I'm going to be eating and cooking and then it's done.  If I didn't plan ahead, food would take up much more brain space.  

It's great that you don't feel the need to plan, although probably not super healthy that you forget to eat.  

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on 8/21/14 5:58 am

I am a newbie, but I have to plan for the day.  Some days I can eat on the go and what I FEEL like, but for the most part I choose mindful eating each and everyday.

Maybe one day, I will be able to choose mindful eating all the time without thinking (I'm sure when I read this back it'll make sense. LOL)

Congratulations on your success!

Karen M.
on 8/21/14 6:08 am - Mississauga, Canada

It will eventually become second nature. It takes a lot of time though and consistent practice. After all these years I don't stress if I can't plan due to cir****tances (business lunches, meals out with friends, etc.) because I know I'll make appropriate choices. But as an everyday small practice that takes all of 10 minutes? Totally worth it.

K. :)



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on 8/21/14 6:00 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I'm only 2 years post op, and I think about it every day. That's how I stay on track. If I stop thinking about it, I'd start gaining for sure. 

If I had enough money that I could spend it without wondering if I'd have any left, I would. But if I didn't live within a budget every day, I'd be broke and homeless. In that regard, budgeting calories is no different.

Planning eating is NOT the same as obsessing about food. They have two different mindsets, and two different outcomes.


So, Kathyjs, where have you been for the last 12 years? It's nice to have you join us, but rare to have someone so far out just signing up.

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on 8/21/14 6:18 am - Brighton, IL

Just because I post daily what I am eating does not mean I am obsessing about food. It means I am taking a few minutes to be mindful of what I will eat and to ensure my success long term. Eating without thinking is what got me to 265 pounds in the first place and I have no desire to go there again! Keeping an eye on my calories for the day is what has kept me at 20 pounds below my goal weight for a year now. I don't always eat exactly what I had planned if unexpected cir****tances happen like a meal out,but I am always mindful when I eat.



Karen M.
on 8/21/14 6:21 am - Mississauga, Canada

Exactly, yes.



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