help worse choice ever!!!!!

on 8/21/14 2:08 pm

Omg..... so I am 4 weeks out and tonight stupid me ate a few bites of fried chicken breast from popeyess. I have been in sooo much pain for a little over 3 hours now. I have thrown up the meet. But I still have pressure and burning sensation. Tgere is alot of pressure as well when I breathe in. Any ideas on what to do to help make this go away or should I got to the er???? I know I shouldnt have eatn what I ate and ive learned my lesson just please any advice on what to do to feel better would be great. Thanks






on 8/21/14 3:03 pm - OH

Sounds to me like you just irritated your pouch or something.  I personally don't think it sounds like an emergency, but of course I can't know that for sure and if you think you've really injured yourself seriously, then you should go to the Er or at least call your surgeon.  I would just stick to liquids for a day or so until you feel better.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 8/21/14 9:59 pm

I remember the first time I 'dumped' from a bad choice omg I thought I was going to die. 12 years later fried chicken is a no no for me. They sell chicken thighs without skin . Those are good. But at 4 weeks out you should stick to your plan you were given . I hope you saught help if it continued but dumping is horrid. Also remember to chew and chew some  more, just not fried chicken. Hope you feel better today.

Citizen Kim
on 8/22/14 1:00 am - Castle Rock, CO

She's not dumping - it's impossible to do that on fried chicken!

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on 8/21/14 10:37 pm, edited 8/21/14 10:38 pm

I know my comment is a little late to help with this current situation, but may help for later.  If you are still having a problem right now, you should likely seek medical attention!  However, if that feeling has finally passed, then you know you're ok.  I had a lot of problems like that for a little over 3 months after my surgery.  For me, it happened with everything, not things I wasn't supposed to eat.  I didn't eat those kind of things because of all the issues I was having with just yogurt and sometimes even fluids.  When I went for my 3 month check-up, there was a lady who was 5 months out, and she told me that she experienced everything I was going through and that it would pass.  A few weeks later, I stopped having those problems and have been able to eat without trouble for about a month now.  When you get sick like that, it's important to go back to a liquid diet for 12-24 hours because your pouch is VERY irritated by the throwing up and sickness.  When I had bouts of that feeling, it could stay that way for up to 8 hours of so.  Just drink fluids as soon as you feel up to and baby your pouch for several hours.  Oh, and don't eat any more fried chicken!  ;-)

on 8/22/14 5:14 am
RNY on 01/15/14

Chicken is the worst for me. I had my surgery in January and still cannot eat chicken without feeling like it is stuck. It is a terrible feeling, but eventually it passes.



on 8/22/14 6:04 am

I had a similar reaction to Popeyes also I now don't eat it because the spices make me want to die! That being said I eat many different kinds of chicken that don't bother me at all.i suggest calling your doctor see if you caan take pepto to calm your pouch then watch out for spice until much later I your diet.

Good luck

on 8/22/14 6:23 am

My doc advised me to stay away from anything fried for at least 6 months. I'm gonna try to stay away all together. Because I think what is the point in the surgery if we are just going to go back eating the same foods that brought us to the point of needing this surgery? My bro had problems with any type of fatty foods at first. So just try to stick with the plan!