Well I just outed myself to the biggest gossip queen at work...

on 8/22/14 12:47 am
RNY on 07/15/14

Looks like everyone in the office is going to know now!  And everyone I know personally seems to know too, because this person told that person. etc.

Oh well, I am just going to own it and be proud!!

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on 8/22/14 1:27 am
RNY on 12/18/12

Honestly, it's easier just to put it out there, people will likely figure it out anyway!  It's too hard to remember whom you've told and whom you haven't.  I know it's personal information, but I told anyone who specifically asked me . . . which was about 75% of the people I came in contact with.  I am just not very good at lying when people ask me direct questions.  After 20 months and below goal, I feel great and I look great, so I really don't care what anyone thinks.


Caroline K.
on 8/22/14 2:55 am

Exactly! Plus, I didn't want to be misleading when some people asked how I was doing so well at losing weight. And while I wish I could have done this without surgery, I've made my peace with it.

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Karen M.
on 8/22/14 2:26 am - Mississauga, Canada

Actually, that was probably the best way to "get the word out" without having to have a gajillion awkward conversations. lol



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on 8/22/14 3:05 am
RNY on 07/15/14

hahaha Karen - you are probably right!  It was out of my mouth before I knew it.  A few people at work know, now everyone will! 

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on 8/22/14 3:41 am - OH

Personally, I'd say who cares who knows?  What's wrong with people knowing you're taking control of your health and getting healthier?  That's a good thing.

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on 8/22/14 3:55 am
DS on 10/27/14 with

I look at it this way.  I am tired of being ashamed and hiding.  That is one of the reasons I sought help.  When I made the decision to proceed with WLS, I started telling people.  Most of my co-workers have been supportive.  Some have shared concerns and I appreciate that they care enough about me to do that.  Some have been down right unsupportive asking couldn't I do it with exercise, etc.  I have enjoyed support and the ones who are unsupportive really don't care about me anyway so who cares what they think.  

on 8/22/14 4:21 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

It might be important to tell family, friends, co-workers, etc. for health safety reasons---asking them to mention "gastric bypass" to EMT's if the patient can't speak.  (it's also recommended to consider wearing a medical ID bracelet, as well)

on 8/22/14 5:21 am

I was so happyI think I told the world. Anyone who thinks this surgery is acop out has no clue. It is a daily commitment for the rest of your life. Nothing easy and I am proud of my self and so should you be. You chose to be healthy,own it girl :-)

on 8/22/14 5:30 am

It's better than having your entire office wondering if you've got some horrible disease!