Scale and Non Scale victory, Photos included :)

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RNY on 06/30/14

So I am down 50lbs today :) I have lost half pre surgery and the other half post surgery. I wasnt feeling that great about it due to the complications I had but when I went shopping the other day and was able to shot in the regular dept at target, I cried. I have been in the plus size for so long. I was scared even ventruing over to the reglar side but when I took a chance and went into the dressing room and it all fit... it was like a rush of emotion went over me and I was in shock. 

Here are some B/A ... but really its during as Im no where near done. CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE


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Caroline K.
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You are doing great! Congratulations!



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You look fantastic! Great job! Congratulations on making it through all of the obstacles! 

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You look Fabulous! Congrats!

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Congratulations. You will have so many S and NSVs going forward. Love your pics!! You look amazing!!

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Awesome job, you look great