Almost 9 years trouble now with blood sugars

on 8/22/14 6:33 am

Hi everyone ! OMG its been a long time.  I had my surgery amost 9 years ago.  I lost 85 pounds and managed to keep it all off for about 6 years.  I have had some struggles recently and have gained about 35 pounds back.  I still try to stick to the plan and do a pretty good job.  I visited the surgeon today to re evaluate whats been going on.  SHe put me on a strict low glycemic diet to start.  Endoscopy showed things looked ok.  I have been having episodes of rebounding.  My sugar has prob been spiking even after a small amount of carb intake then crashing and making me nausea and vomiting, occasional diarrhea.  Surgeon says its prob just dumping and i need to regulate my sugar levels.  I do emphasize your vitamin intake as i slacked for a while and my iron levels got really low.  Im back on track with that as well.  It is a wonderful thing this surgery if maintained and worked at.  Good luck to all the newbies and those waiting to have surgery....... LisaMarie