Has anyone had this problem ?

on 8/22/14 9:23 am - IN

I went to my Dr to see if I could get some lab work done because I want to know how much I'm absorbing them.I told her I want to catch anything that may be low to fix it. My Dr always says she has nothing to do with my weight loss surgery and she is not the one to order labs concerning it because if I'm taking vitamins that she says I should take that is something she should be taking care of. After going back and forth I finally got her to order just some basic labs even though she did not want to. Mr Dr said she does not know what my numbers should be. I told her I can't go to my surgeon for everything. I told her a lot of people have their Dr order lab work. She said she does not have anything to do with it. I really don't know what to think. Should I have my surgeon write something to my Dr that says she can order labs for me relating to my taking vitamins to check how I'm doing taking them?

on 8/22/14 9:33 am - PA
RNY on 03/18/14

I'm sorry if this isn't helpful, but if possible, it sounds like it might be time to look for a new primary care physician. Having a family doctor who is supportive and knowledgeable about WLS has been a HUGE asset to me so far throughout my journey. If you participate in a local support group maybe someone there could give you a recommendation?

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Oxford Comma Hag
on 8/22/14 9:35 am

You can go to your surgeon if you want. I go to my primary care doctor. If he wasn't on board with ordering labs, then I would find another one. I don't see my surgeon any more. I saw him for the first year and that's it. My reasoning is that I don't need him at this point, so why spend extra to see him for something my primary care doctor is perfectly capable of handling?

As for your doctor saying she does not know what your labs should be--well, that's pure bs. She is well aware of normal lab values and what they should be (and if she isn't, that's even worse).

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on 8/22/14 9:42 am - IN

My surgeon is 3 hours away and I just wanted my Primary Care Dr to order some labs but she say's she does not have any patients that have weight loss surgery so she does not really have much to do with it. Not really something she feels comfortable doing.

on 8/22/14 11:01 am - OH

Then I would ask her to refer you to a PCP that will be comfortable treating you.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


Laura in Texas
on 8/23/14 12:52 pm
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I agree. My PCP has been supportive since I first started thinking about weight loss surgery. 

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on 8/22/14 9:38 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Most people do not see their surgeon long term. Unless you have a complication that might require additional surgery, there is no reason to see a surgeon.

It's your primary care doc's responsibility to look after your long term health issues. Labwork is included in that. Your numbers should be no different than hers. The only difference is, yours can change quicker than hers because of the surgery.

If she absolutely refuses to order the labs you need, you should probably look for a new PCP.

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Jenn S.
on 8/22/14 9:58 am - Boise, ID
RNY on 06/16/14

Your PCP should be concerned about your overall well being. This includes ordering labs to make sure you're doing well and not deficient in anything. The fact that she is washing her hands of anything to do with surgery, tells me it's time for you to get a new doctor. I would try to find one that is familiar with RNY and what is required after surgery. My PCP did not support my surgery at all. She tried to scare me out of having it by telling me I could die.  So I asked my surgeon for a referral and I found myself a new doctor. She is not only familiar with treating RNY patients but she has had the surgery herself.  I couldn't be happier.  


on 8/22/14 10:34 am - IN

I had my surgery at St Vincent Hospital in Camel Indiana so do you think My surgeon would know of any Doctors in the South Bend and Mishawaka area that they would recommend? I really don't know where to start to look for a Dr that has any experience in RNY.

on 8/22/14 10:53 am

I moved from Mishawaka to Atlanta two years ago and the doctor I saw was in Plymouth across from the hospital his name is raj Patel and he is great ! Easy to get appointments and he really listens to what you have to say.tell him nancy Howe sent you. Gosh I miss him. He handled all my meds from different specialist. You will really like him.