Any runners out there?

on 8/26/14 9:28 am - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

Here I am 18 months out from my RNY and I have accomplished a new goal - I am now running 5 miles 4x a week and can do the whole course without a walk break.  Yay, that makes me a happy girl, especially since I will be 59 in just a couple of weeks!  Here's my question I need to adjust my diet to accommodate the extra effort?  I also do weight training 3x week as well as swimming and biking, etc.  But I am starting to feel like I'm bonking toward the end of my run, so I started thinking maybe I should try adding in something like oatmeal...?  I pretty much have been at a plateau since February - and have yet to hit my goal.  I still just eat my 3 small meals a day, avg about 70 gr protein and a ton of water but don't usually eat carbs except for my veggies.  What's your thoughts, runners?  And thanks!!


on 8/26/14 11:58 am
I run and love it! congratulations on your accomplishments! I find since running I need to take in more calories. I eat 6 times a day. 3 small meals 2 snacks and then my protein, either a shake, bar etc. If you add oatmeal you should eat a protein with it, that was advice from my dietician. Good luck!
on 8/27/14 12:30 am

I spent a good deal of time running cross country and training horses. Yes, generally if you are bonking towards the end of a long run or any other workout session, it can be lack of carbs. If you've eliminated overheating or dehydration as causes, then maybe try a small combined protein + complex carbohydrate meal such as oatmeal mixed with a little unflavored whey protein (or egg, or any other protein). Although really, oatmeal has enough protein on its own to slow carb absorption. If you need it portable, there's a bunch of recipes for low-sugar oat bars or granola. In the old days, I always used bananas as natural energy bars, but these are really high carb and high sugar. I don't know if a little fruit sugar would be good, or not. I'd see if oatmeal works, but if that's not sufficient, maybe mix it with 1/4 to 1/2 banana. 

How did you get back into running post-op? When did you start? Did you start with intervals? My weight is low enough I'm looking to start again.

on 8/27/14 3:45 am - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

Thanks folks, just thought maybe some other runners could help me out since I am still in weight loss mode! :o)  Heat is definitely not the problem up here.. it was 47 when I woke up.  Should get up to close to 60 by the time I run though ~~ I started out by joining a Couch to 5K group with our local running store last summer (about 3 months after surgery), just to get to where I could run/walk for 5K.  Since then I've been increasing my stamina and strength by going for longer runs and trying to walk less of it.  Last week it all came together when I realized I was able to do 5 MILES without a walk break.  Will add a long run now on the weekend (adding 1 mile per week or two) for as long as there is no snow on the ground.  Will add cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the winter, but will run on the treadmill and at our indoor tracks thru the winter.  Our long, long, long winter! 

I will try a little oatmeal today with an egg and see if that helps.  You folks here are the best, thanks again!