on 8/28/14 6:45 am

So, I just had my operation on the 26th, and after a boring stay at the hospital (toronto Western), I'm finally home. 

My question is, has anyone tried before drinking diluted coconu****er instead of fruit juices for the liquids?

I've started on it, and I must say it goes down a lot smoother than either the orange or apple juice they were giving me at the hospital. Coconu****er has always been a staple in our family for anything from diarrhea, dehydration, constipation, colds, etc, since it closely resembles saline and has ll the electrolytes the body needs.  So I wanted to get some input and hear what you guys think as far using it instead of unsweetened juices. 

So far things are great, I'm getting my protein now, had some creamy soup earlier, and took a nap after getting home from the hospital. I think nap-phase 2 is going to happen very shortly. 


White Dove
on 8/28/14 11:46 am

I personally would not drink any kind of fruit juice.  They did not give us apple or orange juice when I was in the hospital.  If you decide that coconu****er is what you want, then realize how many calories you are adding by drinking that instead of water.

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on 8/28/14 12:01 pm - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

No juices on the HRRH plan either. I am sure coconu****er would be off their list as well. Each centre is very different that's for sure, just follow your guidelines.

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on 8/28/14 12:25 pm - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

I don't know much about coconu****er--is there a lot of sugar in it?  Most post-ops avoid fruit juices because of all the sugar and the fear of possible dumping and also because the extra sugar doesn't provide any nutritional benefit. Check with your doc/nutritionist and see what they recommend. For me, I would probably avoid it for now. 


on 8/29/14 2:59 am

I was at Toronto Western, and the 2 day diet consisted of diluted juice, sugar-free jello, and a bit of broth.  I drank the coconut juice diluted instead of apple juice because it had less sugar and was less acidic going down. It made me feel better...I'm not going to keep taking it as much though now that I'm taking in more protein/calories with all the soups and shakes. I'm now back to just plain water. 

Thankfully, I don't think I'm a dumper, cause my body loved the coconu****er. 

I've noticed that there's quite a bit of variation between post-op diets when I looked it up on the internet. I suppose some are a bit more conservative than others. 

Thanks for your replies !! 

on 8/29/14 3:01 am

I too was wondering about coconu****er.  My diet post op does allow juice.  That is why I wondered too if coconu****er was ok. I'll follow this thread just in case. Great question. :)

Another Fatone
on 8/29/14 3:52 am - inglis, FL
RNY on 08/28/13

I love coconut. I am using Crystal Light Tropical Coconut Drink Mix. A little squirt in the water. I like it. 


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on 8/29/14 12:27 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

I was allowed diluted juice in the beginning. I would compare the nutritionals between the coconu****er you are using and the juices they are saying you can have. If it has a similar profile I wouldn't worry about it.

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