Things to do before surgery next week...

on 9/10/14 1:10 am

I'm having my surgery Tuesday.  I wasn't expecting to get a surgery date this fast but it happened and I'm going to make the best of it for sure! 

Meanwhile my head is spinning with things I want to do. Did this happen to anyone and if so what were some of the most important things you wanted to do around the house? Am I forgetting anything?

For example, I want to clean the heck out of my house. I want to write a letter to my grandparents and I even considered writing a letter to my daughters (10 and 5), in case something happens (God forbid). I want to clean out the pantry and get out my small clothes and clean out my old clothes... You know make room for the change. I feel like I'm nesting! I want to create an environment to come back to that is a "safe place"

Am I overthinking?? I feel like I'm forgetting a ton!

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on 9/10/14 1:48 am
RNY on 02/17/14

Like you I got a fast surgery date.  The things that I focused on was making sure I had all the food, fluids, protein powder and vitamins I needed to make it through the first few weeks as I progressed to solid food.  I was on narcotic pain meds, so did not drive until I was no longer taking them.  I don't know that you are over thinking, but I would also make sure you have comfortable clothing to wear as you recover (don't clean out the old clothes just yet). I also cleaned out my fridge, freezer and pantry, and got rid of the alcohol.  Cleaning out your pantry is a good idea, especially of foods that are not on your plan. Just replace them with things that will be on plan, and that you will like to eat.  I already had an advanced directive and a will.  Just my perspective.  


on 9/10/14 7:17 am

Ask someone to strip your bed and remake it with clean sheets to welcome you home. I promise, nothing will feel better than climbing into clean sheets the first night home.

Best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery!

Joan, Annapolis, MD

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on 9/10/14 10:56 am

My surgery is next week too!

I have cleaned out the fridge and pantry already.  I bought some underwear that is 1 size too big for me now for the hospital/ride home (no restrictive clothes).  I also bought a night shirt that is too big for sleeping.

I am having a maid service come in on Monday to clean my place (my mom is flying in Monday afternoon to stay with me).  Tuesday we're going food shopping for her and stuff for me after I get out of the hospital.

I did my living will and advanced directive last week.

Good luck on your surgery!!!!


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on 9/11/14 5:39 am
RNY on 08/07/14

I totally did the same thing!

Things that I was grateful I did:

                Cooked a whack of liquid meals, portioned them to my post-op portion and froze them

                Purchased all my supplements and had them ready

                Purchase any dressing you may need for incision care

                Washed my bedding :)

If you can, see if you can have your dr prescribe your post-op pain meds now and fill the prescription. I was given my prescription the day I was discharged and, between getting home and getting them filled, I was 4 hours late for my meds and I was just shy of having an uncontrollable pain episode.

You may also want to cook some easy dinners for your kids that you can just take out of the freezer and throw in the oven as well as pick up some “cheater” lunch things for them (pre-packaged fruit cups, granola bars, baby carrots). Shepard’s pie freezes very well.

I would hold off a few weeks on cleaning out the closet. I gained 10lbs in hospital and did not want anything touching my abdomen post-op for a few weeks. I did not look pretty (and my sister kept pulling my baggy pants down when she walked behind me) but I wanted comfort!