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I was due to have surgery on Monday, 9/15.

This past week, my surgeon contacted me with concerns regarding my chest x-ray. Long story short, I had to get clearance from the Pulmonologist to still be able to have surgery. During my appointment with him, he was not able to clear me. I was diagnosed with Pneumonia back at the end of April. Come to find out, he believes that may have been a mis-diagnosis, and he believes I have Sarcoidosis. I'm having a procedure done today to see if that's the case. He also is ordering a sleep study to be done tonight to see if I have sleep apnea.

I'm so crestfallen. The surgery was so close, and now it's been cancelled, and I don't know when (or if) I'll be able to have surgery. I searched the forums, however there wasn't much about Sarcoidosis and gastric bypass. Has anyone here been diagnosed and have been able to have the surgery? The pulmonologist told me yesterday that this just means the surgery is delayed, but that the possibility is not taken off the table, however I keep reading things online about how they will not do the surgery on people with auto immune diseases. 

I'm so depressed, because this surgery was so crucial to save my life. I've been morbidly obese since age 10. My grandmother died of heart disease, and my father almost died of congestive heart failure at the beginning of this year, and I can't help but worry that it'll be me next. 

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RNY on 01/06/15

Sorry to whine/complain. I just haven't been able to stop crying since my appointment. 

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so sorry I would have felt exactly the same way. Don't know anything about sarcoidosis but I do know that GBP is done every day on ppl with autoimmune diseases. 

Hopefully that will be the case for. You.GL




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RNY on 01/06/15

Thank you! That gives me some hope. :)

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RNY on 06/30/14

I agree, that getting whatever you have under controll first so when you do, and I mean DO, you will have a safe surgery. You dont want to risk your life if it is something that can be helped. I have an autoimmune and I had my surgery, just had to have all the meds taken care of first and levels good. I have faith it will all fall into place for you :)

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RNY on 01/06/15

Thank you! :)

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I have lupus (an autoimmune disorder) and had the surgery. Hope it works out for you.

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Amy R.
on 9/12/14 3:38 am

Thank goodness you have a surgeon who is watching out for you and not just grinding out as many procedures as possible with an eye only on the bottom line. 

I'm sure it is really, REALLY a disappointment, but you don't want to go under general anesthesia until they've cleared you in every way possible.   They need to fix every single thing they can control before they put you under; I'm sure the rational side of you wouldn't want it any other way.

Having said that, I can totally relate to how upset you are.  I'd be upset too.  Try to focus on just getting as healthy as possible before surgery and remembering that this is actually a *good* thing.  Any complications caught pre-op mean less risk to you and a safer, healthier recovery.

Hang in there=)

on 9/12/14 4:21 am - Brighton, IL

Weight loss surgery is done all the time on people with auto immune conditions. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 35 years and had RNY done 2 years ago. Once the pulmonologist gets it under control--and it is very treatable with medication--he will clear you for surgery. Weight loss will actually help the condition by making breathing easier. I know this has to be so disappointing but you will have a much better recovery if you are in the best shape breathing wise that you can be. Just keep working toward your surgery,eating well and getting a bit of exercise if you can. This is just a bump in the road but you will get there soon!



on 9/12/14 12:59 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Awww... that has to be tough. Just to echo what others have said, I have an autoimmune disease and just had surgery in July. Keep following the process, it may turn around. Good Luck!

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