Trying to educate a food manager!

on 9/18/14 11:42 am

I'm in a rehab facility recovering from a knee replacement.  Of course, everything they serve is heavy on white carbs.  The first time I had lunch I was only able to eat about 3 tablespoons of their "salad".  Next meal was lasagna--same thing.  The lady finally came into my room and we discussed the meals--so far so good.  At least it's smaller amounts of the same old stuff.  At least they're trying.

I had to reassure her that there is nothing wrong with the food--I just can't eat a lot of it!

Now their next big project is to get me to go poop!


on 9/19/14 2:28 am

I'm glad they are at least trying to work with your needs. Hope you feel better soon and good luck. :)

on 9/21/14 9:49 am

I am feeling better already, thanks.  The food struggle goes on....

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