Pre op Liquid diet

on 9/26/14 2:41 am

I am scheduled for surgery on Oct 1, I have been on the liquid diet for 10 days now. My surgeon requires a two week liquid diet. The dietician said that I should have already been in ketosis and feeling better and not ebing hungry. My shakes have 8 carbs and I am drinking 3 a day I an doing i high protein soup with 2 carbs in it. I am eating nuts once a day and those have about 6 g of carbs. Do any of you have any idea why I am not in ketosis yet and when I feel not feel like my stomach is eating a whole thru my back bone?


on 9/26/14 2:58 am
RNY on 07/23/14

Easy for her to say, has she tried it? hahaha Yes with the amount of carbs you are eating you should be in ketosis...but everyone is different.  Doesn't mean you don't desire food. One of the things they allowed us to have post-op, which I would have never eaten before, which totally saved me... is sugar free popsicles. It was sweet and cold, I could bite it, and satisfying... 15 calories and 4g carbs each. I realize it's not on the pre-op diet, but it's pretty safe, and  might save you from buckling to something really off the diet. Ask, it can't hurt. Good Luck!

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on 9/26/14 3:20 am

Thank you. its funny what I really have been cravingis a salad, i have never craved salads in my life! lol


on 9/26/14 3:49 am

Should you be eating nuts on the liquid diet?  They could possibly keep you from Ketosis.  Good luck to you:)


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on 9/26/14 4:40 am

My diet says 1/4 cup a almonds, walnuts or pistachios. I think that is the only thing keeping me sane at this point, lol


on 9/26/14 4:15 pm - Kalamazoo, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I am on the Liquid Diet now and you guys are lucky.  I can drink as many shakes as it takes to add up to 800 calories.  I can have water, crystal light any SF drinks (non carbonated), broth, tea/coffee, but no food, no soup, no yogurt, no soft foods, no pudding definately no nuts it's a liquid diet for gods sake.  It is getting better because I am getting use to it.  But it still sucks big time. 

Best of luck to you on your journey


on 9/26/14 8:17 am
RNY on 07/28/14

I wasn't allowed to have anything that I had to chew at all. 

Syntrax Nectar shakes, fat free greek yogurt (smooth, no fruit chunks), broth, low fat soups (smooth), sugar free popsicles and jello/pudding. 

Bleh, I am glad that is over!! You are almost there, you can make it!!!

on 9/29/14 4:46 pm
RNY on 09/26/14

I think you need more protein in your shakes. You'll feel fuller, more satiated. I did 4-5 Adkins shakes a day with broth, sf Popsicles and sf jello. I am very grateful my dr only requires 1 week prep fasting because you come out of the hospital with the same diet. So, so tired of it! I'm 4 days post and I'm really looking forward to some food with texture and flavor, not chemicals!  Blech.

best of luck to you!

on 10/3/14 8:09 am - Lewisville, ID

My surgeon doesn't require any pre-op diet at all and only requires people of my size to loose 2 pounds before surgery (I have lost 32) and I thank my lucky stars everytime I read one of these posts! Good luck honey, at this point it is a test of endurance!

on 10/13/14 4:17 am

i started my liquids today - so far so good. Can I have cream and stevia in my coffee?  It says I can have broth based soups does that mean I can eat vegetable and chicken noodle soups?