How long after surgery did you go back to work?

on 11/23/14 10:41 pm

I have a desk job but took off 2 1/2 weeks. But I had serious nausea every single day for 5 weeks so lucky for me they let me come in

once it had passed.   you shouldn't dump as long as you are strict with your diet. Seriously.  

As far as carrying books, I would suggest a pull behind luggage carrier??   It shouldn't be an issue but just in case.

Han Shot First
on 11/23/14 10:46 pm - Flint, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I'm a High School Teacher, and I took two weeks off after my RNY.  That was the minimum my doctor's office wanted me to take, but I couldn't afford to take more, financially as well as with curriculum.  Those first couple of weeks were hard, and I went home right afterwards and took a nap, but I made it through.  Four weeks would've been the best for me to take, but I would've had no reason to miss any more than that.

Here are the accommodations I made when I returned:

1. I was at my desk a lot. A lot more than I usually am.  I made sure my principal knew I'd be sitting a lot, and that it was because of the surgery.  I even had one of my observations during this time, and he was fine with it. 

2. I had a wheeled cart that I used during the day.  I switch to a different classroom for my 4th and 5th hours, so I just used the cart.  At the end of the day, if I had a big load, I had someone carry it for me to the car (I was on 10 pound restrictions for six weeks).  Now, I'm lucky enough that I work with my wife, so we were kind of going to the same place anyway , but I's sure you probably have a neighbor that you could ask to help carry things for you.

3. I tried NOTHING new for breakfast or lunch, because I was also really worried about dumping.  So I kept anything new for dinner, so I could dump at home if I had to.  So far, so good, but I don't want to risk it.

I was cleared at six weeks, and it is definitely good to be back to "normal."  Although I didn't have the sleeve, if you can take six weeks to do nothing but heal and focus on your post-op life, I would think that you'd be ready to go.  Hopefully you'll hear from some others with the sleeve that can give you more specific advice.


150 lost and maintaining!

on 11/23/14 10:55 pm - Nashville, TN

I had RNY surgery on a Thursday and was back on work the following Tuesday.  Took 1/2 day and then I was ok the rest of the week.  Desk job.  Some heavy lifting.  I was careful.  The biggest factor in my being able to get back early was NO DRUGS after the first night.  NONE.  And the reason I could do that was because I was not in pain and I wore my binder religiously the first couple of weeks so I wouldn't worry about my 6 little laproscopic holes opening back up.   I've only dumped once since I had my surgery on July 10th (almost 5 months) and that was when I mistakenly drank regualr Almond milk instead of Unsweetened.   I've lost 110 lbs. since my surgery date.  This is the most amazing gift I have ever, ever given myself.   Also,  I chose to do Low to No Carbs.  Protein first and then some veggies - or Unjury Protein Shakes or Atkins bars.   And I now work out every day at the gym.   I still have 100 lbs to lose but I feel amazing and strong and healthy and very happy!   Harris

on 11/24/14 1:20 am

I have a desk job and I took a week off (including surgery day and the 2 hospital days).  I also have 5 kids to go home to so there is no rest at home either.  I really could have used 2 weeks off as that first week back was pretty rough and I was tired.  After week 2, I felt great!  If you can take 6 weeks off, you will be fully healed and back to "normal" when you go back.  You could always get a rolling backpack or a dolly with a milk crate to roll your things if you need to go back before the 6 week mark.

on 11/24/14 6:27 am
RNY on 10/27/14

Thank you for the comments.  I had the RNY four weeks ago.  I went tot he school today and found the stairs were a challenge, so I'll have to build up my strength.  I'll go back in two more weeks so I have time to do that.

I have no idea why my friend got three months after his sleeve.  He would be surprised to hear people went back within two weeks after RNY!  Way to go folks!  

Since I have other medical issues I'm taking the six weeks.  Sounds like ti'll be more that enough.

on 11/24/14 1:15 pm
RNY on 09/29/14

I took 6.5 weeks off then when I came back my coworkers didn't want me to get hurt so they have me doing no hands on patient care till middle of Decemeber.  Just administrator stuff for now.  I do a lot of walking around the hospital and bringing supplies to the units but I use a cart.  I just ask for someone to do something if it is to heavy.  For the most part when your in charge they will do it.



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