Should I??

Dawn W.
on 12/4/14 1:45 am

Should I call & bug BCBS of ND although they have only had my information for a day is all??????

on 12/4/14 1:49 am
RNY on 11/21/14

You can, but it probably won't make them review your information any sooner.  Give them a couple of days and then call.

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Dawn W.
on 12/4/14 1:52 am

True that ~ HURRY UP & WAIT :(

on 12/4/14 2:26 am
RNY on 11/19/14

I called them every day lol....  I am glad I did because after the first call I found they were missing some information which I was able to call my doctors office to let them know and they were able to resubmit which cut a lot of my waiting time.  It's their job.  Don't be afraid to call.  


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Dawn W.
on 12/4/14 6:47 am

I called it's still in review which I figured and I'm ok with that.

on 12/4/14 9:48 am - Kalamazoo, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I called a few days after I was told the Dr submitted my paper work and Blue Care Network said they didn't get any of my paper work.  I called the Dr and they resubmitted it and I was approved within 2 weeks.  Good luck


on 12/6/14 10:17 am

My insurance is BCBS of MN and they did the same thing to me mine was submitted on Dec 1st and I called the next morning and they said they was not showing it so I had them resubmit the next day and I called the next day and they was showing it in the system I have not called back since but I will call Monday

Dawn W.
on 12/6/14 10:55 am

Same exact thing happened to me. My BCBS of ND has 15 working days to make a decision 

Dawn W.
on 12/6/14 10:55 am
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