......... Getting Close ......

Dawn W.
on 12/10/14 1:45 am

 Getting close to the end of the year. Thinking surgery will not happen by the end of the year. Still waiting on ins although I have heard from them once wanting MORE information.

on 12/10/14 6:43 pm
RNY on 11/18/14

I am sure that is frustrating. Do you know what the holdup is?


Dawn W.
on 12/11/14 1:35 am

They wanted more information on dates of trying weight loss. They also wanted to know how long I tried on those diets. Really the lady that faxed all my info in send in 75 pages worth of of information. I was in WW 3 different times and had 2 personal trainers at 2 different gyms. ANYWAY SHE SENT THE STUFF BACK IN SO HOPEFULLY I GET AN ANSWER WITHIN THIS WEEK AND THERE WOULD STILL BE TIME. CROSSING MY FINGERS!!

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