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on 1/6/15 12:12 pm - Wisconsin Dells , WI

One week our of surgery not having any problem with my intake of protien. my question is i thought i would fell full and stop eating is this normal?


on 1/6/15 12:17 pm - WI

You are not going to feel full for a while.  The nerves that send the "full feeling" have been cut and are not sending the proper signals to your brain.  It is important to measure your food per your surgeon's instruction and eat ONLY that amount.  You run the risk of rupturing your suture line and causing big problems if you over eat while you are healing.


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Everything Rocky said and it will change once you get to more solid food, then you will feel full.

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on 1/6/15 12:43 pm

I'm two weeks and one day post op and I don't feel full but continuing to measure

on 1/6/15 5:51 pm

Watch for your "High Level Alarm":  when my pouch is full, my nose starts to run.  If I continue to eat, even one more bite, I will regret it.  Some folks hiccup, others belch.  Learn yours and you'll never have to worry about having to go urp up your meal when you're too full.

on 1/6/15 10:18 pm - NY
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thats good advice. I will be looking for mine

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thanks for the heads up, I got hiccups with my sleeve, and now I have had them 1 time.. Good to know what to look for!


on 1/7/15 3:24 am - Wisconsin Dells , WI

Thanks for the info will look for trigers.