Why is everything tasting very salty

on 3/6/15 8:59 pm

Hi I am 5 days post op and doing great  besides getting down the liquids and proetin, everything i taste is very salty and i can not drink it at all only thing that is going down is water and isopure so i am getting some protein in me, not much pain except for the drain in my side and that will come out tues.  Is there anyone out there who had the same problem with the salt taste 

on 3/6/15 11:19 pm
RNY on 03/10/15

not there yet but wanted to ask you what flavor of Isopure are you drinking and what have you found that you like the best in them. I noticed that if we can get a whole 20 oz bottle down that is 40 gms of Protein!


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on 3/7/15 3:47 am

It is very hard to get a whole bottle down and my  flavors are island fruit pineapple and grape . it is really hard having the salty taste to get anything down so good luck hope you don't have the same problem water is fine and it is hard to get 32 oz down but you have to drink 

on 3/7/15 2:21 am - Sunny Southern, CA

I would mention it to your Dr.. It's good you are doing well with water... Be sure to sip sip sip water every chance you get... dehydration is one of the most common reasons for hospital re-admittance... and that can be a sign of it. Hope he/she gives you answers or a solution. Speedy healing! 


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