Lap-Band to a RNY

on 3/31/15 2:58 am - Coldbrook, Canada

Hello. I have had a lap band since 2005. First one lost 100lbs it was great. Had complications slipped but in the opposite direction. Major issues. New band since 2007. Having a very hard time loosing wt. Thinking about having a RNY done. Any one out there had this done would love to hear from you. Good and bad experiences wanted and needed. Thanks Laurie

Cathy W.
on 3/31/15 8:17 am

Here are some links on OH so you can hear from more members:

Revision Message Board

Failed Lap Band OH Group

Good luck with your research and decision.  While not a revision, I had RNY in 2001 and have been happy I had it.  You could also check out the Duodenal Switch (DS) message board as a potential procedure you could be revised to.



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on 4/1/15 6:11 am - La Mesa, CA

I had my revision to RYN  from lap band in August of last year.. So for so good I did not have very much to lose and have lost about 52 pounds so far. Sw 249 CW 197 I am 6' feet tall, so I am not really wanting to lose much more. Best of luck to you.

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on 4/1/15 7:01 am - NY
Revision on 11/20/14

I had my revision from lap band to RNY this past November. I am so happy I did it! I knew that the band wasn't working out...but it wasnt until now that I realize just how BAD IT WAS!  This surgery comes with its own symptoms and issues but it is WAAAY better than the band ever was and as a REAL bonus, I have been losing weight.  I was so unsure and scared before hand. But I took the plunge and I am really glad I did it. 

Revision: Band to Bypass - 11/20/14

 Lap Band - 7/30/07 

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